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03:07:07 AM May 9th 2014
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The Allspark links under Lyra are broken.
06:36:30 AM Nov 11th 2012
Without Context, so much Rarity Shiptease with Applejack, Twi, and Dashie.

08:34:04 PM Aug 10th 2012
Okay, almost all of the "Pinkie Pie has a crush on Twilight" section seems like a massive case of Shipping Goggles to me. Stuff like "Pinkie goes to Twilight for advice" and "Pinkie holds Twilight's opinion in high regard" don't really have anything to do with shipping. The only example in that entire section that really fits is the one where Pinkie nuzzles Twi. If nobody objects I'm going to cut the rest of those examples, because most of them seem to be real stretches.

08:30:40 AM Aug 11th 2012
I maintain that the Holmes/Watson roleplay, complete with role exchanging and pipe-sharing (even if Twi did wipe it off), is a valid argument. Also the massive SHOCK take at first sight is arguable to some folks, so leave that one be too.
04:39:52 PM Aug 11th 2012
If anything I think the fact that Twilight wiped it off goes the other way, but I guess that Sherlock and Watson are kinda known for the massive Ho Yay, so I'll leave that one alone unless somebody else complains about it. Everything else is going to go.
08:24:27 AM Jan 19th 2012
Hopefully this should stem some of the Edit Warring going on in the Radar Page -_-
08:45:19 AM Jan 19th 2012
Isn't most of this just fans having dirty minds?
08:54:15 AM Jan 19th 2012
Isn't the magic of subtext amazing? And yes, us fans are naughty, but that's about par for the course.
07:55:59 AM Jan 24th 2012
Also, the Les Yay implications are surprisingly strong in some of these canon scenes.
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