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02:37:51 PM Oct 28th 2012
Is cooperation and human decency that heartwarming? I know it's YMMV, but I feel like some examples are just padding to make the page longer or so everyone gets a chance to contribute to it.

And nothing like "well since it's Jon who's being nice..." because come on, he's clearly not mean in real life.
08:55:30 AM Feb 12th 2012
OK, sort this out HERE now instead of keeping deleting stuff.
  • In Episode 14, they finally beat level 7-6 by carrying each other around. It's kinda cute, especially when, after screwing everyone over on the previous level play-through, Jon casually carries NCS across an obstacle or two and tells him not to worry.
  • He does the same thing for Josh in Episode 15 in 8-7, when Josh is freaking out about the bone dragon coasters.
    Josh: Thank you Jon, you're such a good friend!
    Jon: I'm always there for you!
  • In the same vein, Jon chastises Chugga for being careless/causing his teammates' deaths (NCS and Josh's, anyway) some time into episode 14 (part 2).
  • There's this fine example of retribution (not five seconds after the above) to take into consideration:
    Chugga: [After Jon has killed him] You suck!
    Jon: You almost killed Tim.
09:36:12 AM Feb 12th 2012
Personally I think that since kirbystarwarrior has deleted this multiple times, been given a warning by the mods about it, and his excuse for doing so doesn't hold water at all (I disagree with this example, ergo it must be wrong!), not to mention having already deleted examples and used Square Peg, Round Trope on the YMMV page, that the examples should be added back and ksw suspended if he continues to try and remove them.
06:24:57 AM Feb 13th 2012
In any case, I restored the deleted examples with explicit instructions to come to this discussion before deleting again.
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