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06:17:10 PM Aug 18th 2014
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"I refuse to believe anyone who wasn't completely and thoroughly emotionally broken by it is human."

Whoever wrote this should be ashamed of themselves. That's an incredibly dickish attitude to have, demanding that somebody react to X in a certain way Y in order to qualify as "human". What if I don't react the way you demand? What if I find it a laughable pile of Narm instead? Does that mean I'm less than human? A sentence like this, and it ceases to be about the episode, about the scene, about the emotion. It just becomes cheap evangelistic fanaticism, using the episode as an excuse to stomp around in a self-congratulatory way and taunt people for imagined weaknesses, us-versus-them bullshit.

And to think I was actually interested in watching this series. Thank you for the sour taste you left in my mouth. I really appreciate it.
12:01:49 AM Aug 19th 2014
These kind of personal comments are unnecessary to an example entry and frowned upon due to the "dickish attitude" you indicated.

Hence, I have removed that sentence.
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