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06:19:41 PM Jul 5th 2014
* In his Top10 Hottest Animated Women, Doug is just awesome when he lists his reasons for putting certain female characters on that list. Most of his reasons for finding a fictional character attractive are their personality and character, not just their appearance. Doug Walker, you are a wonderful human being and your wife is so lucky to have you!

This is readded by someone who said he did it in a non-alienating way regardless of reason, but the reason he did it is still pretty important. Women were upset because it was just a video for the straight male fans, he said women would be upset, and saying his wife is lucky to have him is kinda pushing the dagger in when a load of comments were trashing her for no reason.
08:00:37 PM Jul 5th 2014
The original trooper's point was that he treated the women on his list as people, deciding to focus on their personalities as opposed to their physical appearences. Also the point of the video was not to invite his straight male fans to oogle attractive women with him but to explain to fans what he finds attractive in a person and being that he's a straight male the people he finds attractive are women. His reasons for making the video, his infuriating fears about the video, and the reaction of (judging by the tgwtg comments, very few) female fans have little to do with the content of the video itself which the troper was remarking on. However, in hindsight I do agree that the "Doug's wife is lucky" section should be removed given how we know very few details about they're married life and one good video doesn't speak for his quality as a husband. So with your permission, I would like to repost that entry with the comment regarding Mrs. Walker removed.
08:05:37 PM Jul 5th 2014
Can the gushing about how he's awesome be toned down too? I think the Reality Subtext is important but even though I don't want to argue, acting like he's amazing for basic decency (anyone you find attractive should be there for personality not just looks) is very off-putting.
08:14:47 PM Jul 5th 2014
Fair enough :) I just didn't see how anything you said proved the troper's ultimate point to be incorrect and I do agree that showing basic human decency doesn't automatically prove him to be a great husband which is why I think the entry should be reposted with the comment about his marriage removed.
08:25:56 PM Jul 5th 2014
I just meant that because before he said that he didn't want to do it because it would come as sexist but might have to because of Money, Dear Boy, that acting like he's so sweet for not ogling as much as he could have done (he could have made it a best characters list, that's what it kinda was anyway) feels like rewards for basic decency. But I don't like confrontation so just put it back up.
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