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08:35:15 PM Dec 31st 2014
Bloom's Parents

Okay so the winx club writers can create a fairy with divorced parents, does it well shows the hardships of having a split family and that it's not easy for the kid or parents. They try again with Aisha having parents who are too hard on her and sheltered her did that one fairly well. Have a fairy with a dead parent well they have Musa for that and again did an excellent job but write in a character with adopted parents for a Mary Sue called Bloom and you have the worse writing you'll ever see! This girl pisses me off beyond belief and it's because after she finds out she's adopted what does she do? Treat the people who raised and loved her like there own as those tenants who let you stay for free and calling them by there first names and what do her parents who have shown they love her do when she does this act completely okay with it, and that's not real! And I know it's cartoon but that's no excuse unless her parents treat her like crap then there is no reason she should be like this. Real adopted kids have trouble deciding which parents to call mom and dad and some have a hard time getting to know there birth parents but here it's just "You not my parents well I won't be calling you mom and dad anymore oh and when i do find my real parents I'll be treating them like my real parents even though I don't know them. Bye Mike and Vannessa."
03:10:04 PM Jan 4th 2015
You can't say what all adopted kids go through. Furthermore, it's a cartoon. You cannot expect realism in a cartoon, especially not one that centers around me fantasy to begin with (the entire setting is a magical one!). And Bloom does remain close to her adoptive parents and gets over that little stage of ignoring them. She was probably just excited to finally meet her birth parents and eager to spend time with them. Bloom still acknowledges they raised her. Her adoptive parents are probably understanding that she's thrilled to know her birth parents, so they didn't make a fuss.
04:15:14 PM Jan 4th 2015
Oh shut just because it's a cartoon doesn't give it any right to be so stupid. I just couldn't agree with that it was too crazy but you know what forget it. Lol i bet you're the one who took my post down on the other page, clever but you have no right to talk to me like that.
04:19:15 PM Jan 4th 2015
You know what fairy dreamer you can piss off
11:23:45 PM Jan 4th 2015
I didn't take your post down. I responded to it and you erased that response. I have not been nasty to you, but if you want me to be, I'll be glad to.

Even well-renowned cartoons aren't typically known for intelligence. Being a cartoon gives it the right to be whatever it wants to be, including stupid. Like I said in the other response, the writers do fix their error, so it's not like it became permanent. Yeah, that wasn't the best light for Bloom, but it was corrected. Move on.

What are you, 10?
01:30:08 AM Jan 5th 2015
I've suspended Summer Days 128 for this and other editing issues. Please don't turn a response personal, either.
11:58:45 AM Jan 30th 2015
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Don't fight guys.
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