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12:52:03 PM May 15th 2011
Is this a Romeo and Juliet? *cough* yes *cough*

someone said it only follows the archetype? ROMEO AND JULIET IS THE ARCHETYPE.

Anyway, if you read romeo and juliet, you find that the story unwinds very much the same way.

Romeo Meets juliet.

(insantly falls in love with her appearance)

Danceing. romance.

Balcony scene/Fire escape scene.

plot thickens, moar badstuff, also romeo and juliet get married a little bit.

Soon after, Romeos best freind is killed. Romeo Runs off and gets revenge — on Julie's Cousin.

Later, they sleep together

Romeo then runs off becuase he is banished/wanted.

Juliet has a crazy plan to fake her own death — yer its a little diffrent near the ending.

Romeo is misinformed and told she was killed.

Romeo runs to her tomb.... Meets Paris (Chino) Paris wants to apprehend romeo, for being a crazy ass murder. They fight.

The diffrence is that Paris (chino) is killed by romeo, who then kills himself.

Besides a happier ending, and a few minor plot twists, its the same thing
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