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06:38:49 PM Oct 13th 2011
Does anyone else think the Headscratchers page for this comes across as mean-spirited?
07:06:43 PM Jan 5th 2012
That's because it was written back when "Headscratchers" was still known as "It Just Bugs Me". With a name like that, most tropers assumed that it was a place where you could plop down any old complaint and justify it with the name of the page: It Just Bugs Me.

Of course, that's not what it was meant to be used for, so they changed the name to something more fitting to a place where tropers could discuss odd things like continuity errors and other things that make you scratch your head, hence the new title.
06:34:29 AM Feb 21st 2013
[Reply posted way too late that adds nothing to the discussion.]
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