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12:12:16 AM Apr 8th 2014
Okay, seriously: what in the graphic novel makes readers so convinced that the events of "Fall Out" were a hallucination? The primary source for that reading (unless there's more added in the trade collection; I only have the individual four issues) seems to be Number Two's rant that Six eventually broke. But A) Number Two is the king of all unreliable narrators and B) every time he's ranting about Number Six, it seemed clear to me he was talking about himself.

And while the former Number Six SEEMS detached from reality, he only REALLY behaves that way in the presence of Number Two (whereas, with Alice Drake, he's evasive but pleasant and fairly cogent). Plus: he had, under the guise of an addle-minded gardener, set up his scare crow bombs to go off on a seismic trigger which, considering the location, was intended to drop the Village down on the missile silo in the event of launch.

In the last issue, the former Number Six's response to everyone having digital watches now being "I gathered" could easily be read as him having assumed from the beginning, he was just playing nutty earlier for Number Two's benefit. He's been protecting the Village & the secrets beneath it from Number Two and those like him.
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