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03:49:59 PM Aug 22nd 2011
Errfetz, read the History of the page before you start reentering deleted entries, especially if they have a reason for it.
07:02:13 AM Sep 4th 2011
Um...are you angling for a ban or something?
10:55:14 AM Sep 4th 2011
No, I'm trying to keep the discussion relevant and not have it be filled with irrelevant points.

The whole issue's been resolved, anyway.
03:57:33 PM Sep 4th 2011
Well, threats to report those who edit your contentious comments is one of the best ways to get a full Google bounce, where you won't be able to even view the site anymore.
04:37:05 PM Sep 4th 2011
Uh, they weren't "threatening to report those who edit their contentious comments", they were threatening to report someone who keeps re-adding a contentious paragraph without addressing the issues raised in the reason for removal field. I don't see how reporting someone who continually ignores discussion venues is grounds for a full Google bounce.
04:43:27 PM Sep 4th 2011
From Ask The Tropers.

"Sick Brit Kid is up to the same tricks here of arguing a headscratcher by complaining, deleting an actual answer to the original question, and threatening to "report" tropers to put said answer back. He simply won't accept that maybe some people don't find the scene in question as horribly contrived and bad as he does."

Tell you what, how about we ask Eddie about it?
05:53:53 PM Sep 4th 2011
If you do, remember to tell the other side of the story, about how the person continually re-adding the actual answer never changes it despite the removal reasons being stated multiple times, or even gives additional justification for keeping the answer in. Or how nobody defending the answer thought to go to the discussion page to talk it out. Or how the troper who made that post preferred to go into Thread Mode Conversation in the Main Page over taking the discussion to P Ms or this pre-existing discussion thread.
10:51:46 PM Sep 7th 2011
I was "deleting an actual answer" that more or less disregarded the entire point of the question.

And, once again, the issue has been resolved. End of story.
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