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12:45:00 AM Mar 5th 2015
edited by dilbobaggins
Both Headscratcher topics: Societal pressures introduced by a Third World War and subsequent reduction of world population by 2/3 could possibly give you the result you wanted in the map.

Lack of magic teachers? The compensation may not be there, since magicians affiliated with the 10 Master Clans or Hundred Families are more likely to be associated with their Family Organizations or represent their Families as instructors at the professional level such as the Chiba.

Of the two instructors added to First High, the first appeared to be there as a result of some professional penance, and the other appears to be supporting the program which her own child wants to pursue in the future. You see stuff like this in real life, which is why a former Superbowl Champion was the defensive line coach for my pee wee Football *and* High School Football team. His son was on the team.
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