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09:43:39 PM Oct 2nd 2014
Does it bother anyone else that so many people seem to have lost the capability to present or answer headscratchers without treating everyone else on the page like- sorry for the language, but there's really no other word for it- crap? I thought the point of Headscratchers was to get complaints off one's chest, and get answers from others, I have no issue with that-heck, I've posted a few myself. The issue I have is that the headscratchers page has become little more than a seething mass of snark and hatred being thrown around at each other. In other words, my issue isn't that people have complaints about Harry Potter, but that they're using said complaints as an excuse to be really, really crappy to each other. This really bugs me, considering that I do like seeing these things discussed- but I just can't get through the Harry Potter pages because of how so many people use it as little more than a dumping ground for seething hatred.
01:36:01 AM Oct 3rd 2014
It's not just you. Now, while complaints are not a topic for headscratchers, the tone is something that could be fixed. I guess you could ask here.
04:06:18 AM Oct 7th 2012
Ok, I have to ask this question and it's aimed more at the fandom, WHY ALL THE RON HATE? I just notice that as I look at a lot of fanfictions and stories it seems like almost everyone either dislikes Ron or wishes him active harm and I have a hard time understanding why. Is it just irritation at the whole thing that he's with Hermione and Harry is with Ginny or is it something else?
10:17:10 PM Jan 12th 2013
Congratulations, you've discovered Ron the Death Eater.
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