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07:43:12 PM Sep 12th 2015
Obviously a huge point of this book is the power of love and how Voldemort's lack/ignorance of is his ultimate Achilles heel. More specifically Dumbledore says to Harry while in Limbo that Voldemort just plain doesn't understand love and therefore puts no value in it. But I feel that is somewhat contradicted earlier in the book with the whole Nagini in Godric's Hollow ploy. For Voldemort to have known to plant his snake there and to have her watch over the Potter's grave he MUST understand the concept of bereavement & visiting one's lost ones. So he must understand love quite well, otherwise why would he think Harry would (of all things) make it a point to go to visit the graves of his long dead parents during the war? Seems like Voldemort should get some credit for this...
10:24:32 AM May 25th 2017
He understands that others feel love, he just is incapable of understanding why. And he does put some value in love - as a weakness. He uses it against Harry at least a few times throughout the series, but he doesn't put any more faith in it than that.
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