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11:51:36 PM Jun 3rd 2011
I posted an entry regarding Morrigan's Pregnancy but it was removed for already being discussed on the page. I've read just about the entire page before I posted and didn't notice anything addressing the question I asked. Can someone point me in that direction or can I be allowed to re-post?
07:31:56 AM Nov 15th 2010
Can we start deleting these Alistair break up threads? It's gotten to be nothing more than Heart whining about how her videogame boyfriend isn't with her while ignoring all arguments to the contrary.
10:01:42 AM Nov 15th 2010
I vote yes. It is pretty obvious at this point that Heart is never going to stop complaining about it.
10:11:36 AM Nov 15th 2010
09:58:54 AM Nov 16th 2010
Man, I don't even play the game, but I agree. It's just some deluted fangirl whining.
10:49:08 AM Nov 16th 2010
Fine by me.
02:19:11 PM Nov 25th 2010
Agreed. Plus, I'm fairly certain that Heart is a troll, as well, especially considering she keeps posting the exact same whinge everytime, just with slightly different wording.
04:16:25 PM Dec 7th 2010
Done. I left the original as it started with a bunch of other people, but the others are just to annoying and repetitive to allow to continue. I really can't tell if Heart is a troll, or just has some serious entitlement issues with relationships.
05:06:29 PM Dec 10th 2010
Actually, just a depraved fangirl, I'm not trolling you. Sorry about that... I won't whinge about it anymore so you can stop attacking me, mkay? =]
09:40:48 AM Feb 12th 2011
Anyone for deleting her latest posts? All she's doing is whinging and whining about her poor, broken heart and how her Alibear betrayed her so.
10:06:55 AM Feb 12th 2011
I say delete them. And I'm thinking we should ask the mods to ban her from the page. This really needs to stop.
10:11:35 AM Feb 12th 2011
Agreed. She's the reason why I don't read IJBM anymore.
12:48:10 PM Feb 13th 2011
Should we call for a mod? I'm really getting sick of her spamming the page and refusing to listen to reason.
10:16:00 AM Mar 4th 2011
It's gone now.
04:26:39 PM Mar 7th 2011
edited by Heart
It's a JBM page, we're just talking. Your arguments do not justify it to me, and that is all. Stop harassing me. Why do you even want to make this personal? I'm only trying to have a perfectly reasonable discussion like everyone else.
07:27:44 PM Mar 7th 2011
Heart, your edits about Alistair boiled down too how he broke up with your character and now you hate him. That is REALLY not what JBM is suppose to be used for. The other editors on the page tried to answer your questions, but you didn't listen to anything anyone else said. Just doing that once would be bad enough, but you keep coming back, creating a new topic, and then going into another rant about how much Alistair sucks. We are all tired of it, and so its been agreed that your topics on Alistair will be deleted. You are welcome to try discussing the situation here, or adding different topics to the page, but don't be surprised if your edits concerning Alistair are deleted.
07:31:05 PM Mar 7th 2011
edited by Heart
They didn't answer, they only tried to justify this example of bad writing and the creation of such a lousy character. Do I not have the right to disagree? But then I'm trying to ask a question about something entirely different and then you just keep deleting that too. I just created new topics about that because I felt the old ones didn't come to a good conclusion, I was not intentionally "spamming" as you accuse me of doing, but I will comply and not make any more threads about it.
09:48:08 AM Mar 16th 2011
No, we did answer. We gave clear reasons why things happened but you absolutely refuse to listen and completely ignored what people were saying. You are abusing the JBM page.

You don't get to create new topics because people no longer respond. If they aren't, that's just how it goes. Duplicate topics are unnecessary.
01:50:04 AM Apr 22nd 2011
Hi, since it's now considered a bad subject I won't bring it up anymore but I still want to make legitimate contributions to other topics and start civil discussions about other topics.
03:29:04 PM Sep 3rd 2010
The JBM page doesn't appear to be working. It seems to work alright everywhere else.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
10:15:02 AM Sep 5th 2010
I just added one, and page history shows it added, though it's not on the actual page...

I think the folder problem may have grown too big.
01:38:35 PM Sep 6th 2010
Alright, the page is too large. History should tell you I've done several edits. Hmm...now...I'm trying to find out what should be done in these situations...should we split up the page into two halves? The first half moved, the second half stay here? Should we archive the whole page? I don't want to, because some people are still responding to older JB Ms that haven't been cleared up yet, and if we archived it, there's no way to do that anymore. Hmm...What to do...
04:40:26 PM Sep 6th 2010
Wow. 476083 characters, 86108 words. People sure are bugged a lot by Dragon Age. Anyway, I guess splitting up the page into two parts would be a better choice than archiving it. Are there any obvious problems with that I'm overlooking? We could just add both parts to the index for JBM and make a link in the topmost description for either part, linking to the other. That should solve the problem, at least for a while.
06:56:54 PM Sep 6th 2010
edited by helterskelter
What would linking two JB Ms do to the Dragon Age main page? I guess it would just see the original, and the second would be indexed inside the JBM itself.

I guess the link would be JustBugsMe/DragonAge/PartII or Part 2...? Do you think we should ask any of the mods what we should do?
10:14:05 PM Sep 16th 2010
I'd love to get a fix for this as I have a Headscratchers about the game that I am dying to post. Splitting the page makes sense to me.
11:10:25 PM Sep 16th 2010
Alright, I'm going to do that now.

First half remains where it is, the second half is linked off of this one. I will provide links for both halves in the main page, as well as links to the other one on the top.
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