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03:20:52 AM Jan 8th 2016
I never really understood a lot of the complaints regarding pro Reg for me after finishing the story I thought the point was very clear. If you go through the story you'll notice something, the pro registration have a reason for everything they do no matter how horrible. Iron Man didn't even want to fight he tried to maintain peace at first it just didn't work.

I agree the pro registration crossed some lines but not without reason. Tony said it perfectly there was nowhere else to put the heroes, no other alternative, so what are they supposed to do go oh well there's no morally right way to detain them might as well just give up. If they just did that then clearly what they believed wasn't all that true. If you have an enemy you detain them through whatever means you have. If you lose followers because of a fluke that wasn't even supposed to happen you make do with what you have. They needed soldiers, so use villains, the villains can't be trusted mind control them if you must. It's not like they're mind raping innocent people those people are murders and sociopaths they forfeited their rights the moment they chose to commit mass murder. Morally questionable but not without reason.

Tony has a real reason for standing by the registration he does terrible things but then he looks at the picture of that dead kid, he speaks to that grieving mother. Tony is always trying to reason with people and despite the bad things he does never does anything solely for himself. For me this is what separates the two sides Tony has a real reason for doing everything he does. All Cap has is the belief that he is right and comes off incredibly uncompromising compare how Tony handles the other side and how Steve handles the other side. Steve flat out dismisses other people joining the registration because someone died. That is a man who is out of touch with the world and believes in his own morals way too much. Really that scene alone really cements why registration wins. Tony is remorseful pays for the funeral while acknowledging him as a hero. Steve is just too self righteous, which true is in character he's always stood by his belief and he's not wrong about the registration, but he has no real motivation and is so consumed with the American way that he's blind to the needs of the people.

I don't understand the disdain for Tony he rationalizes everything he does and his reasons are usually sound. He also always tries a peaceful solution before anything else, how does that make him the villain when he's the only one trying to make this situation better? What else was he supposed to do in the current situation?

09:27:40 PM Jul 2nd 2016
The reason is basically that there is a big hatedom over Civil War. And that's because it actually made big changes: not that a character has a new suit or a new power, but that the whole context of the superhero genre was redefined. And those that hate Civil War were afraid of those changes, and preferred things to stay as they had always been.
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