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08:01:48 PM Oct 22nd 2015
edited by ArcaneAzmadi
If Konami warrants a 'Gush' page for people to go off freely about how awesome their (old) games are, don't you think it's karmically appropriate that they also get a 'Rant' page where people can call them out for going to extraordinary lengths to make themselves the worst AAA developer/publisher in the world?!

Seriously, they are outright trying to make absolutely everyone hate them and utterly burn their own business down to the ground in record time, don't you think that deserves some acknowledgement?
12:45:33 AM Oct 23rd 2015
Konami doesn't "want" a Gush page, unless they have people editing this wiki. And we most assuredly do not need company rant pages, thanks.
08:56:14 PM Feb 21st 2017
I said "WARRANT" a 'Gush' page, meaning deserve. And frankly they don't, at least not for anything other than long-stale nostalgia.
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