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01:29:34 AM May 28th 2013
Cut for Conversation in the Main Page:

  • That may be a turning point but not a beard grow. It was a Shark jump for sure. Nothing says "we're out of ideas" like throwing in the Goa'uld Mark 2. The sad thing is after they introduced the Ori they came up with some good ideas. Side arcs of the later seasons such as the Lucian Alliance, the Goa'uld infiltrating Earth, and the SGC finding itself in the position of a big player in the universe would have made great story lines on their own. These all took a back seat to a loathsomely cliche godmodly antagonist that they defeated using technobable.
09:08:04 PM Mar 19th 2013
" The Vampire Diaries was, at first, just a Twilight wannabe with often cheesy diary sequences. It's around episode 6 of the first season that the show fleshed out the vampire mythology and showed that Anyone Can Die by killing off Vicki, who was one of the main characters up until then. "

The Diary entries where only in the Pilot, and Vicky didn't prove "Anyone Can Die" she was an obvious Sacrificial Lamb.
05:43:05 AM May 19th 2012
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Maybe it's because I effectively started out with Eccleston and I'm a bit overpriveleged, but how in god's name can the Doctor Who season with the badly greenscreened giant robot, the hyperdermic space station and the half-man half-bubble wrap be considered good special effects?

Now, I'm not 100%, as I've not seen all of that era, but I'm pretty sure the campiness never fully went away under Hinchcliffe/Holmes, even if there was some interesting gothic stories under it.
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