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03:56:10 AM Jun 29th 2014
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the idea: "Non-English media interjecting English even when it not always appropriate."

the problem: this seems to have devolved into both general "'Engrish' in the original sense" (which doesn't really have a place here because they amount to typos at worst), "English that works well anyway" (which is about half of "'Engrish' in the 'modern' sense"), and simply nonsensical things such as listing every single instance of a non-Japanese term needing to be converted to Japanese rules (see above).

this article has no focus outside of reinforcing information that is misleading or outright wrong.

(1. the original concept of "Engrish" is faulty because it doesn't actually exist. the only reason the Latin letter known as R is ever considered by a given mind is because the Latin letter known as "R" is physically used. the actual sound is like neither English L nor English R, but both... people have allowed the sight (which is clearly a lie) to completely override the sound (the truth). had there been a combined L/R glyph instead, this so-called "Engrish" wouldn't even be allowed to exist as such a faulty concept.

2. the "modern" sense of "Engrish" is unabashedly racist. no, there is no need for a unique term for every single country.)
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