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09:22:09 PM Oct 25th 2016

  • The Female Changeling shows in this dialogue from "What You Leave Behind" that she isn't inclined to pointlessly prolong the lives of her prisoners, thus giving them more chances to escape, by bringing them in for a final confrontation.
Broca: Shall I have them brought here?
Female Changeling: What for? (to Weyoun) Have them executed immediately.
03:47:12 AM Jan 14th 2016
Is this an example of being genre savvy:

On one episode of Judge Judy, a defendant (Danny Gonzales) was being a smartass. When Judge Judy tried to quiet him down he said, "This might be your show, but this is my episode"
05:42:06 AM Jan 14th 2016
To me this sounds more like Medium Awareness.
09:35:24 PM Oct 25th 2016
My example apparently would have fit with the old definition of "Genre Savvy" or also what is apparently the defunct "Dangerously Genre Savvy":

I still like the old. I'm not pleased.
05:42:51 AM Oct 26th 2016
Well, to be fair, your example never fit with the definition of Genre Savvy. Genre Savvy always meant "taught by fiction." It was just chronically misused as "savvy."
07:07:04 AM Oct 26th 2016
I tend to learn how to trope from observation rather than guidelines.
07:28:38 AM Oct 26th 2016
See, that's kind of the problem and why we had to more actively enforce the definition.
10:27:00 PM Oct 29th 2016
Who's "we"?
10:51:00 PM Oct 29th 2016
11:09:07 PM Oct 29th 2016
edited by NimmerStill
If it were everybody, nobody would've been doing it "wrong".
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