Genre Motif Hip Hop Discussion

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11:40:00 PM Sep 24th 2010
Seeing as Hip Hop is the only Genre Motif page, and seeing how similar this is to a Useful notes on Hip Hop page, why not just fold this into that?
02:36:11 PM Sep 26th 2010
01:23:19 PM Dec 29th 2010
I'd say the page should be re-written to have a bit more on history. I mean, the Grunge page is pretty heavy on genre history, and so are the useful notes on punk rock.
04:05:13 PM Dec 29th 2010
You Could Always Edit It Yourself.

As for the above complaints, so far as I can tell there are Genre Motif pages for every musical style, so I don't really understand the objection.
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