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12:42:47 AM Aug 15th 2013
  • It gets better. Pete is a cat. His wife is, near as anyone can tell, a dog (species-wise, she's actually rather attractive). They have children together. Let me repeat that: Pete, a cat, married a dog, and they had viable offspring. Dogs and cats, living together. Perhaps she was a cat person (rimshot). Not only that, but their son, PJ appears to be a literal cat-person like Pete, and their daughter Pistol seems to be a "dog" like her mother, making this a case of Gender Equals Breed.

Peg and Pistol are most likely cat-people as well. They have the same defining features Pete and PJ do—round and somewhat flat faces, small noses, and Pistol at least has pointy ears (Peg was revealed to have human-like ears in one episode).
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