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06:03:58 PM Feb 1st 2016
Any reason why we're back to one huge page instead of the subpages?

I worry about clutter since it's a lot of folders on a single page and the subpages still exists.
01:53:14 PM Mar 2nd 2016
I've reverted us back to the subpages format, not sure who changed it to a huge page before but he must be a dick.
05:56:42 PM Feb 1st 2016
Who changed it back to the version from a few months ago before we divided it into nice separate pages?
03:03:33 PM Sep 9th 2015
So, where do we put Judging By The Cover? It's fucking hilarious!
08:29:40 PM Aug 7th 2015
If'n I may suggest, why not split up Zero Punctuation year by year, such as from 2008 to 2009, 2009 to 2010, et cetera. The last video listed would always be either the "Awards" or "Top 5/Bottom 5", and any Holiday troll videos would just be right after that one if there is one. Perhaps for 2011, just have a separate section (not a new link) for his Shooter Season 2011. Then, for his Other and Extra Punctuation, just put those back at the front. Is anybody on board with this idea? Because I'd love to see this done.
07:07:53 AM Aug 18th 2015
I was about to suggest that idea. Unfortunately I don't have the time to do it myself, as much as I'd like the idea.

So anybody lucky enough to do this?
05:22:19 PM Aug 20th 2015
I'll see if I've got time tomorrow to attempt something similar.
12:43:03 AM Aug 4th 2015
Er...What's going on? Why is half of the contents gone?
07:36:06 AM Aug 4th 2015
Moved off to Zero Punctuation More and Zero Punctuation Even More because the page was too large. I'll ask ACW to pick better titles and listings, though.
09:27:58 AM Aug 4th 2015
So what do you all propose to name the new pages? I'm fine with whatever.
02:41:51 AM Aug 5th 2015
Zero Functuation? Anyway I think they should be linked with this page or at least the main article so people can find it. Don't seem to see one right now.
03:03:55 AM Aug 5th 2015
Zero Punctuation 1 and Zero Punctuation 2 and so on. And you ought to link them on this page.
06:57:38 AM Aug 5th 2015
06:24:00 PM Nov 6th 2013
What? Nothing about the fact that, in his review of Infamous and Prototype, he said he'd give the "award" of "Best Game" to the game whose company created it could make the best picture of the other game's protagonist wearing a woman's bra, which the companies actually did?
02:10:16 PM Nov 7th 2013
Nevermind. It's in the Awesome section.
09:07:26 PM Apr 10th 2013
Could whoever added all those bloody placeholder tabs at least waited until they had time to also transfer the appropriate moments into them?
01:48:59 AM Apr 11th 2013
edited by Telcontar
That's... too many folders. I'm deleting the empty ones; new folders can be added or recreated as needed. LCZXR, if you're doing large-scale sorting them it'd be good if you could use a text document offline so the page spends less or no time in a half-sorted state. Thank you very much for taking the time to sort the examples.
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