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06:24:00 PM Nov 6th 2013
What? Nothing about the fact that, in his review of Infamous and Prototype, he said he'd give the "award" of "Best Game" to the game whose company created it could make the best picture of the other game's protagonist wearing a woman's bra, which the companies actually did?
02:10:16 PM Nov 7th 2013
Nevermind. It's in the Awesome section.
09:07:26 PM Apr 10th 2013
Could whoever added all those bloody placeholder tabs at least waited until they had time to also transfer the appropriate moments into them?
01:48:59 AM Apr 11th 2013
edited by Telcontar
That's... too many folders. I'm deleting the empty ones; new folders can be added or recreated as needed. LCZXR, if you're doing large-scale sorting them it'd be good if you could use a text document offline so the page spends less or no time in a half-sorted state. Thank you very much for taking the time to sort the examples.