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10:39:06 PM Apr 26th 2016
edited by Kimarous
There seems to be some confusion with the Lets Play organization. Currently, the 2016 lineup is being listed under the main tab of the Lets Plays (with all other years having their own page), yet now there is a 2016 page on its own with just a few Dark Souls 3 entries. I'd move the whole 2016 lineup over, but then that raises the question of "What happens to the main Lets Play page?" So... what to do?

EDIT: Due to lack of reply, I went ahead with moving all 2016 content to 2016 tab and putting the appropriate link in the "hub" page.
12:10:29 PM Jan 30th 2014
So, Super Best Friends Play: Shadow the Hedgehog is filled under Specials and Series, as at the time of its addition to this page, it was rumored to be a one off. TBFP has since reclassified it under the banner of Spindash Quicklooks, and has also done in Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Sonic Lost Worlds. Should Sd Ql be given its own folder and the Shadow the Hedgehog examples be moved to there alongside examples from those episodes, given that these are specifically stated not to be full lets plays, but are more than just individual episodes, and yet still not part of the newest season?
09:40:29 PM May 13th 2013
Anyone else think this page is starting to get a little excessive?
12:02:44 PM Jan 30th 2014
Is there a limit to how long a page can get, or how many examples of a trope there can be?
12:06:38 PM Jan 30th 2014
There is a hard limit on page character count (the large number in the box at the left bottom end of the page).
12:18:51 PM Jan 30th 2014
In that case, would there be a problem with grouping some or more of their projects to specific pages? For example, a page for each of the main machinima seasons and the multitude of episodes, some for the reoccurring series (like the crapstorm of scariness) and the like?

(Didn't think I'd get a response so fast, nor did I realize I was responding to a several month old question, even if it is still a valid concern.)
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