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02:16:52 PM Aug 20th 2013
I accidentally checked out the funny page until 2:00. Is there anyway I can uncheck it?
01:18:12 PM May 5th 2012
You may know me around the TRG pages as the one who goes on about there being too many quotes.

That said, I think there are way too many quotes in the funny moments examples. Some is fine, but it kind of takes the fun out of it to not only list a funny moment, but repeat what they said about it. Sometimes it's more fun to have a vague idea of a moment and then find it out for one's self. Why bother watching their videos if the humor is 100% copy-pasted onto this sub page?

05:16:41 PM Mar 12th 2012
edited by Marioguy128
"The biggest asshole in the group gets an automatic victory through no skill of his own. What's funny about that?"

"I already DID say why. Because it's not funny; it's a jerk getting an unfair advantage through no skill of his own."

Holy fuck. I don't like Chuggaaconroy at all, but chill the fuck out. In fact, this goes for anyone who fanboys over one member/hates one member. It's just nerds on the internet having fun with a video game. There is no need to get angry because someone you hate/like won/lost. Is this really adversely affecting your life? Just chill, it's only the Internet.

Besides, shit like that happens all the time in Mario Party. But in the end, everyone's just having fun, and that's what matters.
04:58:46 AM Mar 27th 2011
I'm suggesting that if you add a funny example with a youtube link, or add a video at all, you make the example time-specific by adding #t=Xm X Xs to the end of the URL, with the Xs being replaced with the minute and second before said Funny moment, preferably long enough to get the set up of the joke. For example, this moment involving Chugga and rape being fun has the time tag leading to the start of the minigame where he says it. Is this acceptable to everyone?
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