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06:07:13 PM Feb 27th 2013
Nice to know that YMMV doesn't actually apply here. :P
06:09:01 PM Feb 27th 2013
It does, I'm just saying a lot of people found it squicky. Put it up again if you so wish?
09:57:13 AM Aug 29th 2013
It would be nice if you let people have and share their own opinions in a YMMV section.
10:00:45 AM Aug 29th 2013
People are! But when it's laughing at him feeling ashamed for crying, or indulging something that make POC/women feel unsafe (not just this page, but anything), does that really belong?
02:11:36 PM Sep 2nd 2013
Nobody's in danger or laughing at anything sincere. He has a Fan Dumb who go crazy when it comes to It Is Pronounced Tro-PAY; it's nice to watch him fight back.
02:35:22 PM Sep 2nd 2013
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How? Even he said at the beginning his pronunciations were the result of being a typical white American, and just wanting names like how the creator intended them to be is not exactly "going crazy".

Plus, last vlog, Rob was the one who wanted to bring it up for the third time in a row, Doug didn't.