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07:38:36 PM Aug 28th 2013
A lot, if not all of the entries in the Fridge Logic section look like they'd be better suited on the Headscratchers page. Would it be alright if I moved them?
09:47:21 AM Jun 1st 2016
You could pretty much say that about every Fridge Logic page, they're very similar in concept. Leave it where it is, it's not hurting anything.
09:39:31 AM May 9th 2011
"Fridge Horror: Compare the original opening to this fan-made video (MAJOR SPOILERS) of, well...Episode 3 in a nutshell. It makes complete sense in context up until...well, you have to see for yourself. Be prepared to freak out."

I can't see the video (I need an account?); what happens in there?
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