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08:25:35 AM Jan 13th 2013
I have a bit of fridge horror for Metang.

FR/LG pokedex entry: It floats midair using magnetism. Its body is so tough, even a crash with a jet plane won't leave a scratch.

DPP (which is the same as the first Black and White version entry) Entry: It is formed by two Beldum joining together. Its steel body won't be scratched if it collides with a jet.

What one has to wonder is what happens to the jet?
09:11:50 AM Jun 4th 2012
A lot of the entries here don't particually strike me as Fridge Logic/Brilliance. Would a clean up be in order?
11:20:24 AM Mar 4th 2012
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Okay, this may be far fetched, but i like to think outside the box as it were, and this is something that essentially smacked me in the face after i got the three Sinnoh orbs from the Sinis trio (Shadow Triad, trinity, whatever have you...) in white. And then again after one of the seven sages mentioned that N might not be Ghetsis son. Kay. I don't have exact quotes because i can't find them online and I'm too lazy right now to go through the games to get them... This will take some writing...

So we have Ghetsis, an evil psychopath who brainwashed a child into believing that Pokemon should be separated from trainers and are better off away from humans. At a glance it looks like PETA via brainwashed child. Ghetsis created someone who is pure and innocent, so that he could befriend the dragon Pokemon, whichever game you have. Ghetsis goal is to take over the world and use Pokemon only for himself, supposedly bringing with him a reign of terror in which all humans and Pokemon are free food for his giant ass Murder Dragon. Kay. We already knew all of that, now onto Cyrus.

Cyrus has supposedly always been evil, or at least very messed up. Even as a child he was probably horrible, if what I'm remembering is correct. Now, I don't remember who said it, but it runs in my mind that it's either from Celestic town or sunnyshore, but someone says something about Cyrus meeting up with someone who ultimately corrupted him when he was a child, and he left for years and mentored under this person.

Who do we know that would like to kidnap a child and turn them into a drone in which to use to do their evil bidding resulting in the destruction of the entire system of the Pokemon world so they can rule over it in horror glory while the troops of people between the ages of ten and one hundred fight for the lives they have always known and the return of peace? (Oh that shit would have SOOO ended in war, and you know it. Like hell anyone's giving up their Pokemon, and if they're stolen people are grabbing their pitchforks and starting a rebel fueled disaster that is going to end with everyone who joins it getting their head eaten by the giant ass dragon monster.)

Now my theory, if you haven't already guessed:

Cyrus is a failed version of N. Think about it. Cyrus disappears for years and then comes back to Sinnoh messed up enough that he thinks Emotion is something that should be completely eradicated. So... What if Ghetsis tried to turn Cyrus into the new hero, making him innocent by trying to get rid of his emotions? Obviously this failed miserably, because it actually turned Cyrus into a murderous psychopath. Ghetsis insistence that human beings were the source of all evil in the Pokemon world drove Cyrus into the belief that a new world without emotions so that no one could get hurt, and no evil would be possible, would be a good idea. Cyrus was too old when Ghetsis tried doing what he did to N.

So Ghetsis has to start over, and decides to start over younger by kidnapping N. Weird green hair isn't that odd in the Pokemon video game world, if the ace trainers from Hoenn are any indication. How many attention starved babies did Ghetsis go through before N survived long enough? How many Pokemon were just outright murdered or beaten in front of that child? Oh, and better, N can communicate with Pokemon. Did Ghetsis kidnap him with this ability already there, or did he torment and experiment on him until he was able too?

How did Ghetsis get the orbs? He got them for Cyrus before realizing that Cyrus had a completely separate agenda from his own. Ghetsis wanted the Sinnoh Pokemon to force the people into essentially worshiping him as a God. When he realized that Cyrus was going to use them to destroy the entire world, he quietly left Cyrus to his own devices knowing that, ultimately, Cyrus would fail with his plan. Also, while everyone was focused on Cyrus himself, no one would be looking for the person who is ultimately responsible for the mans mentality in the first place. We all just assumed that Cyrus grew up that messed up. He may have been a disturbed child, but this was cultivated and fed by Ghetsis to the point where he was completely of the mind that humanity in general is evil and should be destroyed, and where does humanity come from if not our emotions?

N's Castle was being built over twenty years before N was even born, which is why the huge castle that rises up out of the ground is actually finished. It doesn't really look like something N would create anyway, does it? It looks much darker... It wasn't originally built for N, but for Ghetsis with his own rule in mind, with Cyrus either by his side or murdered as he planned for N.

That's all I've got for now. I'll find quotes in the games and put them in here when I do.

P.S. We have not seen the last of Ghetsis, and I doubt that we will have seen the last of him in the sequels of Black and White. I think game freak has only touched on the nightmare fuel they have planned for him. His work started with Cyrus, and it will not stop until he has either gotten what he wants, or is dead and gone. I believe that we WILL see him in future remakes, or new generations. He's not the kind of character to just slip quietly off the map. He will go down in some sort of hellish self made 'glory,' and it's not going to be pretty.
06:03:19 PM Dec 7th 2011
Everyone keeps saying a "glitch" in the first generation made ghost type pokemon useless against psychic types. That's not the case at all. The only ghost pokemon in the first generation was the ghastly evolution line. The ghastly evolution line is all ghost/poison. Being part poison makes them weak to psychic.... Oddly enough, this also makes them poisoned souls... Corrupted/spoilt however you want to call it.. They're the creepiest bunch.
04:55:48 PM Dec 3rd 2011
On the Groudon/Kyogre debate, you're both kinda wrong. They both do have moves that can one hit KO eachother, and Groudon's is indeed Solarbeam. The toss up is not who's faster though, but who's slower. Both of these pokemon have an ability that places a weather effect on the battle, and the way the games are programmed now, the slower pokemon overrides the other pokemon's effect. With "Drought" Groudon's ability, in effect, water and ice moves do half damage, while Solarbeam only takes one turn to use. With "Drizzle" in effect, Kyogre's ability... Well, Groudon's screwed.
05:03:28 PM Dec 3rd 2011
I suppose this can still be counted as fridge brilliance seeing as... What "won" or whether you have land or water under your feet at the moment isn't a matter of what came first. It's a matter of what came afterwards.
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