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09:10:03 PM Jan 15th 2013
edited by MsAmiClassified
Uh, albertonykus, can I ask you something? WHAT IN THE NAME OF OYASHIRO ARE YOU DOING?
08:30:24 PM Jan 18th 2013
I organized the page. What did it look like I was doing?
02:12:18 AM Jan 19th 2013
When the page history shows a lot of deletions and chuncks being added and so on, it can be hard to tell whether there's vandalism or not and whether all parts are only being organised rather than deleted. This means that using edit reasons — just something short to note that you're organising it — is helpful. Thanks for taking the time to organise it, though!
08:11:56 PM Jan 19th 2013
Understandable. It's unfortunate that the edit histories here aren't as effective at showing the exact changes made as, for instance, Wikipedia. I'd assumed that what I'd been trying to do would've been obvious by looking at the actual finished page rather than just the edit history, but I concede that using more informative edit summaries would've made it clearer.
10:23:20 PM Jan 19th 2013
Ah. K, I was just confused by the sudden change in layout.
11:15:39 AM Sep 12th 2011
edited by Sol9000
Wait... Isebella said she got Small Pox And the Vacination after going back in time... She most likly drank most of it, since the vaccine wasn't full, but if that was the last episode someone saw... They would be scared so much that their scream would break quantum qhysics!
04:14:47 PM Sep 8th 2011
Lots of things are duplicated between here and the WMG page. Is there a good way to combine them?