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02:11:35 PM Nov 29th 2015
Bar Abbas translates to "son of the father" which is who people claimed Jesus was. (Not once did Jesus claim to be the son of God, but at his trial, he says, "that's what you say about me.") Plus, Messiahs were supposed to be warrior monks, knights templar, king arthurian paladins put there to liberate the Jews from the Romans (WHOM they had asked to protect them from the Persians, a war with whom was the very last thing Caesar was going to do before he was killed, btw.), and there were a lot of them, and they all failed, resulting in the destruction of the Temple by Titus. In any case, if Jesus was a "messiah" he would have to have been a rebel, and a killer of Romans, which is exactly the description of Barabbas.
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