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05:39:22 AM Nov 16th 2014
Here's some Natter I removed:

Fridge Brilliance
  • Why don't Creepers burn in the daylight? Because they are full of gunpowder so if they were set on fire, they would explode automatically. So they evolved to the point where they were immune to the sun's harmful rays, and flint and steel does not cause them to explode.
    • Jossed. Flint and Steels can actually make creepers explode instantly now.
    • Actually, I think it's because only undead mobs (zombies, skeletons) burn in daylight.
    • It can be a bit more complicated. Soulsand has creeper faces on it. Notch has described creepers as sounding like dried leaves. They are leafy looking and are fearful of a jungle only creature, cats/ocelots. So Creepers are plant based, possibly with some catnip thrown in. Either the sunlight nourishes them or they are souls possessing a sun resistant body. They have no bodies left to burn if the latter.
    • It's because the zombies/skeletons are undead, and therefore weak to light. What's the brightest thing within at least 50 thousand miles away from you? The sun. Aside from them, nothing else actually burns.

  • When Notch announced that monsters would spawn in dark places, he also mentioned "[they could spawn] possibly under your bed". Guess what can happen when you sleep on a bed.
    • That was, alas, a bug that has since been fixed. (And only applied if your bed was against an exterior wall.)

  • In the new snapshot, two new plants were added, potatoes and carrots. The main sources of these new plants are either finding them in village farms, or finding them on dead zombies. So the villagers must have killed the zombies and taken the plants off them! Although where the zombies got the plants in the first place is another question entirely.
    • The zombies may have found the plants in another popular game.
      • This is more of a chicken-and-egg scenario, as the zombies could have gotten the new plants by ransacking villages.
    • But think about it. Villagers can now be zombified, right? What's to say that the zombies we're seeing aren't villagers, still holding onto the food they meant to eat in life?
      • Zombies and Villager Zombies are two totally different sprites, though the Zombie Spawner creates both.

  • Wolves are currently only healed by porkchops and rotten flesh. Rotten Flesh seems like a rather odd food to intentionally make edible for wolves, unless you know that human meat tastes like pig meat. To your dog, it's just a rotten porkchop.
    • Wolves will eat carrion (scavenged meat) normally. They prefer fresh, but will take what they can get.
    • Wait... How did YOU know that?
      • Long pig, anyone?
      • According to someone who had to witness an electric chair execution, burnt human flesh smells like pork. It would make sense that human meat tastes like pig meat.

  • Mobs in Minecraft drop things relevant to them when you kill them, like string from spiders. But then there's zombies, which dispense feathers. What do feathers have to do with zombies? Well... zombies are pretty dumb, aren't they? What's another word for dumb? featherbrained.Kaiser Yoshi
    • Another theory on that is that in fiction chickens are commonly sacrifices for voodoo rituals so it's not too unlikely that zombies still carry some of the feathers around.
    • It's a well known fact in the community that feathers were because zombies were around before chickens were, and needed something to drop. Anyway it's all irrelevant now that they don't drop feathers anymore.
    • But why weren't the chickens around? You're the only human in the game, so the zombies had to eat something, right?

  • Wolves can't tell the difference between lava and water. This seems stupid, but wolves are colorblind.
    • So they are oblivious to heat as well?
      • Wolves are not actually colorblind, although they cannot distinguish shades as well as many animals. Perhaps they enjoy orange juice?
      • Yes, they ARE oblivious to heat. Minecraft doesn't have proper heat physics, thus the heat of the lava doesn't escape into the outside air, thus the wolf wouldn't notice the heat until it actually touched the lava, at which point it's too late. The same thing happens to the player. Absolutely no heat damage until you touch it.
        • Fixed in later versions so wolves are no longer suicidal. Does that make it Notched?

  • Notice how small foods like apples and cookies never seem to keep that hunger bar from dropping again while more wholesome foods like cooked steak keeps the bar full longer? Each piece of food has different amounts of hunger saturation (a hidden game mechanic), so the more saturation the food has, the longer your character stays full before going hungry again, just like in real life when eating cookies won't keep you full in the long run but eating a big juicy steak will. There's even more fridge brilliance with zombie flesh where if you eat it, there's a high chance you may get food poisoning and your hunger bar drops incredibly fast. It's almost as if you are hungry all the time like a zombie...
    • Or constantly vomiting from both having eaten rotten food and realizing you essentially just cannibalized what used to be a human.

  • Have you noticed how diamonds are found near lava most of the time? Diamonds are known to form in volcanoes.
    • Actually, the chance of diamond appearing is due to layers. They only are in layers 0-15 (Bedrock to 15 blocks above it) and is most common at 11 or 7. Lava spawns near these layers too, so it LOOKS like they are spawned together.

  • If you try to use a bed in The End or The Nether, they will explode. This troper wondered about this for a while, then finally made the connection: what do beds do? They change your spawn point. Now imagine if you made a bed in the Nether, slept in it... and then destroyed your portal. If you had no Obsidian, then since water evaporates in the Nether, there would be no way to get more. Normally, you could just die and respawn in the Overworld, but you changed your spawn point. You're trapped- FOREVER. Ditto the End: there's no portals, so the only ways out are either killing the Final Boss or dying. But if you set your spawn there...
    • Actually, if you destroy your bed and die, you respawn on the normal worldspawn in the Overworld. You are not trapped in either World. However, one effect of a bed is to change the time to "morning" and you can only sleep at night. Now look at a watch in the Overworld - it shows the current time. Look at it in the Nether or the End - it spins like crazy as there is no time in those worlds (as time in the Overworld freezes).

  • Nether Portals are probably 3 blocks tall because they aren't meant for us, but Endermen. Hence the particles and coloring.
    • Except endermen come from the End, not the Nether.
    • That doesn't mean that the Endermen don't travel to the Nether too- which would explain the purple teleportation particles.
      • Have you ever seen an Enderman spawn in the Nether? Eggs don't count.
        • I thought the purple simply represents spatial distortion, hence why the portals and Endermen get the same colour.

  • Cave Spiders: Slightly smaller, far more dangerous versions of their surface cousins. In real life, the general rule of thumb for venomous insects is that smaller ones tend to be more poisonous then larger ones. Big insects have brute strength on their side, so the smaller ones have developed more powerful poison to even the odds...

Fridge Horror
  • In the Adventure Update from 2011, zombies drop flesh, and you have a hunger meter. Cue the Cannibalism.
    • It'll also make you ill. That should be more than enough to discourage someone from eating it.
      • It doesn't poison wolves though. Maybe they have developed an immunity to the taste of rotting human flesh... and to think people call them cute...
    • Until your food bar's empty, you're starting to die of starvation, and you have a lot of rotten flesh and nothing else to eat...
    • There seems to be a misunderstanding here. If you check the menu while your food bar is green, it shows that the rotten flesh isn't poisoning you. It's making you HUNGRIER.
      • It's considered a poison effect though... and even though it makes you hungrier, it DOES let you regain health. Om nom nom!
      • Actually, what I think they were getting at was.... well, you know how zombies are 'always' hungry? And how media likes talking about transmittable zombie viruses? Just think on that.
        • That, or because you've eaten human flesh, you've become a Wendigo, complete with the associated Horror Hunger for more human flesh

  • The single player game gets really scary when you realize that you are the only living human in a world where monsters creep wherever sun doesn't shine. Everything hinting to other people are zombies and skeletons...
    • By that logic you are the anomaly. If the monsters are sapient then perhaps you're viewed in the same way people viewed Herobrine: a humanoid abomination from the beyond.
    • A-la I Am Legend?
      • Except now there are NPC villagers. Admittedly, they look distinctly alien, but you are no longer the only sapient non-monster in the world.
        • And now the villagers can turn into zombies…

  • Furthermore you can never die, endlessly respawning, doomed to live alone for all eternity.
    • Minecraft would work extremely well as Survival Horror: the only thing it needs is the ability of the terrain generator to add abandoned structures and mines.
    • There is now Hardcore mode. The difficulty is permanently set on Hard and cannot be changed. When you die, you cannot respawn and you are forced to delete the world.
    • Going with that, using some evidence from the end, you're just the newest player to take control of the character. All the old ones are incompetent players who got killed the first night. They are who literally put the abandoned in "abandoned mine shaft". Then, you realize the people talking at the end resurrected them as the many skeletons, zombies, and possibly the fresher, still brained bodies forced to put on camouflage suits and suicide bomb the player.

  • If you set the perspective to third-person, you may notice a peculiarity in the Nether. Ghasts don't aim at the player character. They aim at the camera. In other words, they aren't trying to kill your character. They're trying to kill you. Better hope your Fourth Wall is sturdy enough.
    • ...But then they realized that killing you was pointless, so they just went back to killing Steve?.
      • No, they are genre savvy. They realized players realized this, and it became less creepy but an easy way around them. So the the Ghasts changed their target to grief the players more effectively.
    • This was a glitch that was since fixed.

  • If the room is too dark and you fall asleep, a monster will spawn by you. What if its escaping from your nightmares?
    • Actually those attacks were called nightmares, despite them being caused by an enemy being able to path close enough to you to pull off an "ambush."

  • The 1.6 and 1.7 updates both end with "removed Herobrine" ... Why did he have to remove Herobrine twice?
    • He's persistent.
    • But he still came back. For 1.8. Next thing you know will be whole updates dedicated to removing him.
    • Blame other Mojang employees. That was the reason for the 1.8 removal of the Herobrine, I think.
    • Actually that's Notch's sense of humour. Ever since people thought Herobrine was actually in the game he started adding "Removed Herobrine" at the end of every update list.
    • Actually, each update since 1.6 has been slowly removing the "Human" mobs coding, which is why each of the updates had "Herobrine removed". 1.8 marks the full deletion of the "Human" mob (By that time named "Monster" due to most of its coding having been removed.)

  • What would a creeper look like in real life?

  • Just think, you're exploring an abandoned mineshaft one day, and you haven't seen a cave spider once. Suddenly, you see cobble stacked up to the sealing at an intersection. Now, you think, I just discovered this mine, nobody could have put this here, so you break it down. Suddenly, you are jumped by Cave Spiders. What sealed them? Probably the same people who made this mine in the first place. Now think of where they are now....
    • If they sealed the spawner with Cobblestone, they probably got out and lived.
      • On the other hand, they could have pulled off a Heroic Sacrifice and locked themselves in with the spiders.

  • If you've ever run headfirst into a Creeper, chances are you've probably asked yourself "what kind of demented creature would want to blow itself up to inflict damage to someone else?" Well, humans, for starters.
    • Either that, or they're not creatures. They're the ambulatory seedpods of some plant and their explosions spread the seeds as well as killing any potential threats to the plant.
    • Or they're some sort of hive insect. Bees regularly sacrifice their lives to defend their hives by stinging, because they have no "self" in any meaningful sense other than the hive itself. Additionally, there are a few varieties insects such as the carpenter ants that have the ability to turn themselves into Action Bombs, just like creepers do, and countless varieties of insects with natural camouflage that makes them resemble leaves and plants. Presumably there's another, non-explosive caste of creepers hidden away in a hive somewhere, tending to the grubs.
      • This is explained to be the more likely case in this episode of Game Theory.The seeds would also be able to use the remains as sources for nutrients.

  • If you explore a cave with the sound on you hear eerie, demonic noises called Cave Noises or Ambience. They can be useful (they tell you when an unopened cave is nearby) but don't sound like any of the mobs or other sound affects, so... WHAT THE HELL IS MAKING THOSE NOISES?
    • One of them sounds like a frickin train... Think about that.

  • There are baby zombies. So either the undead are killing babies and inducting them into their hordes, or, the zombies are having sex. Neither explanation is particularly pleasant to think about.

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