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08:28:53 AM Dec 5th 2013
Pulled this to discussion. Fridge Horror as I understand it is meant to be things plausible in the setting, and frankly there is no way in hell a teenage girl in a Nickelodeon cartoon spent several months being gang raped.

  • Boiling Rock part one and two, since it deals with a high security prison, features a few things which kinda make the idea of prison rape quite possible.
    • Sokka discusses the new escape plan with Zuko as two guards show up. Sokka tells them that he wants to rough up Zuko a bit, and the guards allow him to have his ten seconds, just sighing at his newbie-behaviour. In other words, the guards will sit iddly by while other guards go in to beat up prisoners for fun. Now, considering that prison guards in real life and in history have often raped their prisoners...
    • A female guard catches Zuko (disguised as a male guard) loitering in the female prisoners' block, seemingly standing watch for a buddy. The female guard silently glances at Suki's cell before demanding Zuko let her check to see what was going on inside. Combine that with Suki's casually hostile reaction to a disguised Sokka sneaking into her cell and you realize this isn't the first time something like this has happened to Suki.
      • Note that Azula never really interacts with any of the Gaang personally. She probably doesn't even know Aang's name, yet she knew Sokka's name, or at least was able to guess it. She knew 'Sokka' was the name of Suki's boyfriend, as Suki supposedly regularly claimed that Sokka would rescue her. Now, Suki is a very confident and competent soldier, and so is unlikely to just casually tell her captors the name of her boyfriend, or that her boyfriend is friends with the Avatar, not at least without being forced to. Given that she supposedly told them that Sokka will rescue her, this can mean that optimistically, Suki bluntly told her that she'll be out soon when said rescue happens, or pessimistically, Azula had her emotionally broken until she declared defiantly that Sokka will rescue her. If she didn't rape her, Azula definitely did something to make her open up and talk. Combine with the above-noted actions of the female guard, and its entirely possible that Azula had Suki raped by guards until she broke. To make this even worse, there was no indication beforehand that Suki even had any useful information; as far as she knew, they were just enemy soldiers who found Appa and were nursing him back to health. Its entirely possible that Azula just did this for no purpose but to humiliate and destroy a captured enemy soldier For the Evulz, that ended up giving her some useful information. Either way, Suki becomes an instant Iron Woobie to be smiling after escape.
    • Plus the warden basically told Zuko straight up "Don't let anybody know who you are, because if they do find out we're going to let them do whatever they want to you."
10:19:55 AM Dec 5th 2013
Fridge Horror is perfectly valid for the first part; the fact that guards were like "oh, the guard wants to beat up a prisoner?" and it just got an exasperated sigh leads to the Fridge Horror that the guards do beat up prisoners just for fun.

The second is a stretch. Its indent brings up a good point that Suki wouldn't "casually" mention that Sokka would rescue her. It's decent Fridge Horror that she was tortured for information.

The third point isn't even fridge anything.
06:49:20 PM Dec 6th 2013
You're missing the point of Fridge Horror. Its horrible things that were never addressed but were implied, unintentionally or otherwise, by what happened in the series. Its not about what could have happened on the show, but rather what could have happened had the events of the story been set in a real setting, or what events unintentionally lead up to when you give them some thought. Its specifically about overthinking things until you reach a horrifying conclusion.

For example, Power Rangers is generally childish fun, and they'd never show civilians dying brutal deaths. That's what happens on the show. Fridge Horror kicks in when you realize that these giant monster/robot battles happen in populated cities quite a lot of the time; you can handwave that all the buildings that got destroyed were empty, but the streets probably weren't. They'd never show the Zords or the monsters stepping on people, but when you think about it, that probably happened quite a lot.

Same here; Suki was locked in a corrupt prison as a prisoner of war, with brutal guards that could enter and leave cells at their own choosing. Fridge Horror kicks in when you remember what happens to prisoners in most prisons, especially corrupt ones in real life, and the conditions Suki was kept under.

I'd like to state that I really, REALLY hope that Suki wasn't raped in prison, because its a horrible crime that makes me feel physically disgusted to just talk about. But, after I read that entry the first time, it made a disturbingly high amount of sense. For personal reasons my headcanon is merely she was interrogated at most, but, unfortunately, rape is entirely plausible given what happened in the series.

02:34:51 PM Dec 7th 2013
Fridge Horror is about things that must've or should've happened, not things that potentially could've happened.

Is it theoretically possible? Yes. Is there any reason to believe it actually did happen? No. It's not ruled out, but there's no evidence for it.
08:26:12 AM Dec 9th 2013
Exactly. There has to be some reasonable basis to believe it actually happened. There is nothing whatsoever in Suki's character or behavior that even remotely suggests this happened to her.

Plus, Azula clearly didn't spend months and months torturing Suki because we see what Azula is up to. First she's leading a giant drill to Ba Sing Se, then she's in Ba Sing Se, then she's in the Fire Nation. When the hell is she supposed to be torturing and having Suki raped when we know she's doing other things during this whole time period?
10:24:14 AM Dec 9th 2013
Actually, looking at the entry again, the second bullet is actually a damn good argument that guards don't just casually have their way with female prisoners. It proves that, at the very least, guards aren't supposed to be loitering around there.
11:07:01 PM Aug 26th 2012
Something I've heard of here and there is that Air Nomads apparently seperate their children from their mothers and fathers (if the latter are even recognized) at young ages and then send them off to different temples from both parents to be raised without ever knowing their biological parents. I thought that might be useable as a Fridge Horror example, but is it actually canon? If so, where is it confirmed?
04:33:42 PM May 16th 2012
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04:43:54 PM May 16th 2012
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02:42:51 PM Apr 7th 2012
Some bit of Fridge logic that is bothering me. The Avatar is supposed to be reborn each cycle into a different bending population. However from what we can see in The Legend of Korra, it's starting to get kind of common to have siblings inheriting differents bending from mixed couples. It's probably gonna get more and more common until the alternaltive (child who have both parent born in the same bending population) is rare. Then how will it be decided in what population The Avatar is reborn ? Is he/she going to be allowed to be born with mixed parents ? Does that defeat the purpose of The Avatar cycle ? Do I care too much ?
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