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12:36:47 AM Sep 2nd 2014
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Um, when did this new trope illustration replace the old one? While I suppose I can see the need to show her in her new costume, does it have to be this image? It makes her look... well... kind of hideous. Have we really sunk so far down the "Wonder Woman the Killer" slope of Motive Decay that she has to look gorgon-like instead of pretty now?
01:17:35 AM Sep 2nd 2014
In July, Vermont changed the image with the edit reason "Creating a pattern for the Big Three."

I would call it a lateral change.
08:19:24 PM Apr 23rd 2013
I'm used to see her place of origin being written as "Themyscira". But lately, I've been reading a lot of "Themyscera" around here. Did it change post-New 52, or aren't people respecting Spell My Name with an S?
06:40:34 PM Apr 24th 2013
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I've never seen that particular spelling, but The Other Wiki shows the most common difference:

AFAIK, "Themyscera" is just wrong, under either definition.
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