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10:04:02 AM Jan 10th 2011
Surely now due to the 2009 film there are two Star Trek verses. Original and the 2009+.

Due to Vulcan being destroyed in the 2009 film this would clearly make it an alternative universe for... you know, 'obvious' reasons.

This distruction of Vulcan raising a problem: as all Vulcans must return to Vulcan to mate during pon farr and as Vulcan no longer exists one would presume much like salmon they would die slowly. So all of the Vulcans who survived would die though a few could have children in the time on the new planet and pon farr where they would die (so they would need some non-Vulcan surrogates - who won't really be able to bring up the children in the Vulcan way) and so you're going to end up with a very small Vulcan community completely detatched from their culture who probably won't be able to have the mental strength because they were brought up the wrong way and will no doubt go on rapages due to their strong emotions and be evil (exaggeration I know but they'd do more).

Apparently the salmon (if unable to get to their original river) will spawn elsewhere but do remember. These are Vulcans, they become irritational have sex with random people and kill their t'hy'la for no apparent reason. I wonder if they find it okay to mate where Vulcan used to be... except it turned into a black hole. The Vulcans are temporarily doomed - they'll mate and bring their numbers back... whilst being crazed. This alternative Trekverse is quite tragic.

Or of course the Vulcans will have to mate on a closer planet which will course problems with a) the black hole and b) what said planet is like: already people there or not the right type of planet for them for survive on. THIS IS A PROBLEM IN ITSELF! There's no enough information on the planets around Vulcan (rephrase: no information) so... what? Are we supposed to presume it goes off without a hitch? NEVERRRRRRR!


(sorry for caps, I've been watching 'Invader Zim')
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