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11:07:48 AM Aug 19th 2010
Okay, now that the Character Sheet has all its sections (save for the Girl's Side 3rd Story one) created, what about revamping the main article and making it less clusterfuck as it is currently ? (I admit I'm partially responsible of the situation, thus why I want to rectify this)

I mean, there's a good number of tropes here that could be transferred in the Character Sheet. Here's what I propose : do like I did with the Mitsumete Knight article, and put in the main article the following type of tropes :
  • Tropes related to the game mechanics and fandom
  • Character-specific tropes that apply to several characters in the series.

All character-specific tropes that apply on a single character in the series would be sent to the Character Sheet.

Also, I'd the article not to be so Tokimeki Memorial 1 centric. But since we lack tropers specialist of some entries in the series (most notably Tokimeki Memorial 3), I feel separating the article in several pages dedicated to a specific entry in the series, like what was done with the Fire Emblem series, wouldn't be a good move.

What I propose is to divide the article in several sections : first, a section gathering the tropes the series as a whole share, then sections for each saga gathering all tropes specific to those entries in the series.

Thanks in advance for your opinions !
09:43:32 PM Apr 25th 2011
I agree that it could use some cleanup. At the very least, I suspect that the Girl's Side games could do with their own subsection - I'm not sure how different they are from the Standard Branch games, since I haven't played any of those myself, and I've hesitated to add tropes to the main page without knowing whether they apply to the entire series or just the GS games.

While it's not really necessary to remove character-specific tropes to the character sheets, doing so wouldn't hurt anything, given how many tropes can be associated with the series to begin with. It might help the main page seem less dominated by any single game.
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