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07:13:08 PM Mar 12th 2018
edited by A_Really_Big_Cat
Proposal: Should there be a new page created specifically for dealing with the lore; especially relating to C0da, Obscure Texts, Landfall, and other out of game lore treated as "canon" by the community (bear in mind that canon as found in other works doesn't really exist in the Elder Scrolls)?
11:02:34 AM Sep 29th 2012
From under Adam Smith Hates Your Guts:

"** Averted if your Personality stat and Mercentile skill are high enough: then you can buy items from a vendor, and sell them back to him for more than you bought them for. "Repeatedly. Until they have no money left."

Is this even correct? It certainly isn't the case in Morrowind, where merchants will never buy something for more than it costs to buy from them.
03:49:46 PM Sep 3rd 2015
"Physical God Vivec claims to be both a male and a female. Once he even said he had kids with a rapist god (the tale of this includes a part where they compare the size of their "spears".) The Dissident Priests in Morrowind explain that Vivec just made most of that stuff up in order to appear more divine than "Some guy who stole his Godhood while betraying his friend". There are even some holes in his story, such as the aforementioned "Having kids with Molag Bal" as Daedra can't create life."

Whoever wrote this doesn't seem to like Vivec very much. OP, your bias is showing. If you take Michael Kirkbride's out of game texts to be canon, then I'm pretty sure Vehk was born intersex. If I remember correctly, in 'What My Beloved Taught Me' he says "I was born a whelp-wench in my under". Also, when asked the difference between men and women, he says "there is no difference in me." Furthermore, in the 36 Lessons, Muatra (the famous dick-spear) is named 'Milk-Taker'. Think of that what you will.
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