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02:59:16 AM Oct 23rd 2016
Should a seperate page for Superman and the Men of Steel (the New 52 origin story) be created, or is the page of the Grant Morrison run for Action Comics enough?
08:31:06 AM Aug 29th 2015
edited by randomsurfer
In "notable non-canon stories" folder there's a section for TV series starring Superman. The very next folder is for "TV Series" (featuring Superman), which only has animated series. Why aren't they in the same folder? If I were looking for The Adventures of Superman or Lois and Clark or Smallville and I saw a TV series folder I'd look there, not in the non-canon stories folder.
03:04:27 PM Sep 2nd 2015
Moved them, renamed the list "non-canon TV series".
01:18:06 PM Jan 13th 2014
Why are there no Fanfic recs for the Man of Steel? Why is that page missing? Surely there are great and astounding authors willing to create great fiction for a literary legend such as the Man of Steel?
01:32:11 PM Jan 13th 2014
Because nobody's made it yet.
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