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07:50:35 PM Mar 8th 2017
Power Rangers and Super Sentai will, for obvious reasons, contain the same examples on many tropes pages. Should these be merged into a single example (that mentions both series), or should they remain separate? (repost from Power Rangers discussion page for the people that might check one but not the other)
12:56:55 AM Oct 7th 2014
So, regarding the status of the "Vs universe" which all of the super sentai crossover movies (and Gokaiger) exist in.

A few people seem to think that the vs. universe is just fanon, and thus is ineligible to be mentioned on the main page under The 'Verse. Thing is, probably the only thing fanonical about the vs. universe is the name. There's pretty much been a clear and constant string of references tying together Gokaiger and the various vs. movies that very clearly place them all in the same universe:

First off, the Gokaigers make their debut in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger. That very same debut scene is then fully integrated into their own series, making Goseiger vs. Shinkenger fully canon with Gokaiger.

Second, in Go-busters vs. Gokaiger, the Go-busters recognize the gokaigers and make reference to having worked with them before, which calls back to when the 'busters made their debut in Gokaiger vs. Gavan.

Third, the kyoryugers made their debut in Go-busters vs. Gokaiger by helping out the title teams. In the next movie, Kyoryuger vs. go-busters, red buster specifically refers to this moment by explaining that the busters are helping the kyoryugers to pay them back for helping them and the gokaigers. Also, the other two dinosaur sentai show up, strengthening the gokaiger connection.

As we can see, there's a very clear continuity between these movies. They exist in the same universe.
08:20:33 AM Oct 7th 2014
Yes, they do. What you didn't do in your long post however, is give any evidence to suggest that said universe does not also contain the shows. And it must contain the shows. In Gokaiger, all the events of the previous series still happened. What's fanon is the idea that this so-called "VS Universe" is somehow separate from the shows.

For some reason, lots of people have this insane idea that all the shows don't take place in the same universe. Despite all the movies and the ENTIRE SEASON which says otherwise. And then there's Angie Sue appearing on a poster in Kyoryuger, or To Q Ger mentioning Enetron. There is 0 evidence to suggest that this "VS Universe" exists, and a hell of a lot of evidence to suggest it doesn't.
01:24:12 PM Oct 7th 2014
Er... shoot. I hadn't thought of it that way. I had always assumed that the individual sentai series had been separate, but indeed, it looks like Toei has been stepping up the connections beyond just the movies. You're right, I misunderstood the argument. Nevermind. ^_^
07:05:45 AM Sep 6th 2012
Is a copyright registration enough to mention a new series?
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