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06:30:22 PM Feb 28th 2017
Am I missing something? Has nobody added a discussion topic for Star Trek since 2011??

I have a question. I would like to add a WMG connecting Star Trek with another, non-TV franchise. I wonder how to decide which franchise to add my WMG to? Should I add the WMG to both?
07:38:11 PM Mar 27th 2018
are people suppose to talk about it at least once a year? if so, I think I missed them memo.
09:33:18 AM Feb 24th 2011
@Old Man Ho Oh

Yeah, fair enough. My apologies, it wasn't intended to sound like a review. I'm glad some bits were kept, though.
07:54:38 PM Jan 9th 2011
Is there a trope for something like "Expensive Delivery Boy", or "Delivery President", or "Couriers Don't Exist"? And the electronic equivalent, "We don't use email"?

I was thinking about this re. a different show, but Trek has to be the all time champion. Major characters are forever carrying PAD Ds with fuel consumption reports and so on between various parts of the ship. Anything that needed to be physically carried should have been done by an unnamed extra, and "reports" should obviously have just been stored in the main computer and a notice sent to whoever needs to read them.

03:05:23 AM Nov 12th 2010
The description of star trek enterprise seems really subjective, with describing every story arc as mild, bland or boring and describing the opening song as asinine. The voyager description at least uses measurable tropes to describe it.
05:18:31 PM Jan 3rd 2011
Done and done.
02:25:22 PM Nov 2nd 2010
what happened to all the Crowning Moment pages?
08:02:37 PM Jul 26th 2010
I've pulled out the list of Star Trek Expanded Universe titles as it is not only a bit of an eyesore but all of that information is already on the other page. This is the second time I've done this because most franchise articles on the wiki will discuss the main Canon of the franchise while there is a seperate page for the Expanded Universe, assuming it is particularly massive. This at the least provides a formatting consistency with similar pages like Star Wars.
05:39:14 AM May 27th 2010
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Edit: How do I delete this? If I need to be known, feel free to delete this because for the time being, I won't.
08:10:05 PM May 19th 2010
So now that the video games and novel series are all removed from this page, it seems we need a proper Star Trek index. I'm willing to launch, if you all like. Perhaps call it "To Boldly Index"?
08:17:00 PM Mar 21st 2010
Now that we have a proper Star Trek index I'm trying to get all the bullet lists sorted so that they're in roughly chronological order for each category. The video game, tv show, and movie series are all good to go but I could use some help in organizing the Literature section, particularly because I am only just beginning to get into the Expanded Universe and thus don't really know much about reading order. Help me, please?
09:56:50 PM Mar 15th 2010
I am pulling the whole Babylon 5 vs DS 9 issues out of the main article description of the show. There is so much else to the show putting this one issue in seems like flame bait.
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