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09:03:15 PM Aug 23rd 2012
edited by DonaldthePotholer
I've been watching a few episodes of Season 2 on MeTV and, given quite a few EnemyMines and Lt. Tragg joining in on The Summation and the Everybody Laughs Ending a few times (and Mr. Burger once), I'm more inclined to consider them Lestrades as opposed to Javerts.

EDIT: In fact, Inspector Javert and Friend on the Force are incompatible Tropes unless employed by different writers or on different characters. But there's no contect to either entry. Change NOW!!!
09:39:27 AM Aug 24th 2012
They waver between the two tropes over the course of the series - consistent characterization was not a high priority - but for the most part I agree that they fall into Lestrade rather than Javert territory.
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