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06:33:53 AM Jun 7th 2016
Anybody think we should start splitting the pages for the different continuities, especially with Welcome to Monster High coming out soon. Maybe something like...

05:29:36 AM Nov 17th 2014
Seems like all the janitors are either dead or moved to Ever After High's page. I'll take the helm.
03:46:01 PM Oct 23rd 2014
What are we going to do about the new anime? We should make an addition about it at some point. I know this page isn't edited much, but that is a bit of a milestone.
02:37:37 AM Dec 21st 2012
I cut this entire thing, and here are my reasons why. In a nutshell, GCPTR does not mean metaphors or downplaying!

  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: In the storybook that comes with the doll, Frankie suspects her dad's up to something in the basement and asks her mom if she's getting a new brother or sister. Frankie's mother nearly chokes on her coffee in surprise and asks Frankie where she ever could've gotten that idea.

...Um, what? What's dirty about Dr. Frankenstein, patriarch of a family of Frankensteinian monsters, making a new family member?

  • Mattel put an eyebrow ring and gave both Holt Hyde and Jackson Jekyll tattoos. The tattoo is a yin-yang symbol and is meant to show that they are indeed the same person.

As opposed to openly using deliberate symbolism?

  • When Toralei messes around with Cupid's bow in "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love" several odd couples pop up-including a couple same-sex pairs.

Oh for crying out loud! This series began in 2010. People are cool with homosexuality.

  • At the beginning of this same episode, Toralei coughs up a large wad of bird feathers. One can only guess why that was...

It's because she's a cat and cats eat birds.

  • Ghoulia's groaning zombie speak is used quite effectively for this very purpose, a prime example being "Substitute Creature" where she apparently says something about their sick teacher's possible condition that horrifies everyone. Of course, we don't get to hear it ourselves because all we hear is her zombie groan.

No, that's a noodle incident.

  • The series has a thing for inserting terrible puns in the characters' speech, most of which are cheesy, but some are actually quite disturbing. Entrail Park, fleshman, dismembers, self-decapitating, etc.

Oh, Thor forbid a children's cartoon about monsters might make brief mention of gore in an over-the-top and silly way!

  • The entire theme of the Fright On! special is a rather thinly disguised portrayal of racial tensions and the civil rights movement of the 1960s, with a new integrated school, racial tensions from rivals now going to the same school, and an old white guy trying to start a race war to keep two monster species from becoming friendly, which he thought would be bad for humanity.

And what precisely is objectionable about a cartoon using a metaphor to teach racial harmony?

  • Clawdeen's "School's Out" wave 2 doll comes with an elaborate 3-finger ring... that's been compared to a pair of brass knuckles with small claws on them. Even if it is meant to be werewolf jewelry, the thing still looks rather vicious.

You are aware Clawdeen is supposed to be a tough werewolf, right? The fact that you find think this should be objectionable says a fair bit about your ideas on sex-appropriate play, since toys aimed at boys are routinely far more vicious and scary than that.
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