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08:11:47 PM Nov 28th 2016
Currently, a lot of tropes about Kirby's Copy Abilities are listed under "Power Copying" as bullet points. This is against formatting policy, and it looks kind of sloppy in general.

Would it be a good idea to list abilities and tropes about them on their own character sheet? I know they're not really "characters" per se, but the Characters tag tends to be fairly flexible in most circumstances. Plus, abilities are a very integral part of the games (compared to, say, Mario powerups), and should be listed with more prominence.
06:48:20 PM Nov 30th 2016
That... is a rather unusual thing to do.

Ideally, powers and tropes relating to them can still be in this page with more proper bullet indentations. I suggest making a separate folder for it.
07:08:06 PM Nov 30th 2016
Well, it's not unheard of on this wiki. The Pokémon character pages include ones for move types and trainer classes, which wouldn't be considered specific "characters" by most people. Still, I understand why it might look odd.

A separate section on the main page works, though it might be a little crowded. I could work on that soon.
09:04:31 AM Jul 25th 2014
In "Too Dumb To Live", it says [spoiler]Kirby falls for the help me take over the world scheme again[/spoiler]. What other time has this happened?
04:43:02 PM May 30th 2014
Can we make a page for Air Ride? It totally deserves it.
11:46:28 PM May 30th 2014
01:44:16 PM Mar 21st 2014
I think Scarfy would fall under Hair-Trigger Temper as well.
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