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08:16:27 AM Jul 24th 2013
Say, wasn't Space Battleship Yamato supposed to be the anime equivalent of Star Trek. They say that all around the internet and even though I've never seen Gundam, since when does Star Trek feature giant robots/suits?

I'm not saying that it doesn't have similarities, but a single spaceship and its crew traveling through unknown space is Star Trek's core and Yamato's as well. I just wanted to mention this, nothing more.
11:58:06 AM Jul 24th 2013
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It's "anime Star Trek" in terms of its cultural impact in Japan, not in terms of its content. The same way that you can expect an American to know some Star Trek references even if they've never actually seen any of the shows or movies — because it's been a pop culture icon for decades — you can expect a Japanese person to know something about Gundam for the same reason. They both had disappointing initial runs and were vindicated only in syndication, too, before they spawned their multi-decade franchises.

That could be made more clear in the article, though.
08:32:10 PM Jun 22nd 2012
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Consider the large number of Gundam's side stories, and Sunrise's policy on officialness of work. I suggest we split non-animate work to other article. Like how it's done with Star Wars Expanded Universe.
01:56:32 PM Jul 24th 2014
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Delete my post here, please.
09:02:56 PM Jun 20th 2010
So, everybody seems to like Gundam quite a bit, but WHERE THE FUCK DOES ONE START!?

Its pretty confusing, any suggestions for a newb whose only exposure to mecha anime is gurren lagann...
07:41:36 PM Sep 17th 2011
Well it all depends on what kind of story you would like. You could start with the original series or the movie of the series of Mobile Suit Gundam and then go on to the rest of UC in chronological order and then jump to one of the other series. Or you, having started with Gurren Lagann, could go right to G Gundam, Gundam Wing, and 00 with them being the slightly more Super Robot-ish series.
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