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12:19:29 PM Jul 18th 2016
Am I alone in thinking this page perhaps puts too much weight on the Tommy Westphall theory? I mean, the page on the Whoniverse, for example, doesn't mention it at all, probably because the links in question are clearly Fake Crossovers. It certainly doesn't have a looooong list of shows that "must be" part of the Whoniverse because the TARDIS appeared in the background of a Red Dwarf episode.
11:19:43 PM Feb 28th 2016
Was the redirecting to Disney Channel discussed anywhere?
11:57:14 AM Dec 18th 2015
edited by PrinceMarvel
Both Sabrina, the Teenage Witch & Gilligan' Island have cartoons that were spin-offs, wouldn't they also be included in this massive TV universe?

Also, both Gilligan and Skipper were featured in the movie Back to the Beach, as did Pee-wee Herman. Would the two shows then be considered to be part of the same fictional universe?
09:23:20 PM May 2nd 2014
Does anyone know which episode of Kickin It features the myTab?
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