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10:29:37 PM Dec 5th 2011
should we start splitting up the character page so that the characters specific to each show go there now? I was wondering as I'm planning on expanding the Justice League character page by moving those characters over.
01:26:25 PM Nov 2nd 2010
Lobo Webseries continuity or not?

Personally, I think it is not. One, it has completley different art style. Two, negative continuity occurs in almost every episode. And three, this is just an opinion, but I hate it, and think it is unfunny.
01:27:51 PM Nov 2nd 2010
Oh, and I completley forgot about the big one. The writing style is 100% different. Sorry guys!
01:35:21 PM Nov 2nd 2010
Art style doesn't matter; if it did, then the first couple seasons of BTAS wouldn't be canon. As for negative continuity, can't comment cuz I haven't seen it. As for the last, it doesn't matter if you hate it, and in fact listing that as a reason is only going to hurt your argument.
09:58:49 AM Nov 3rd 2010
Well, true. I guess I can just have dis-continuity with it.
10:00:32 AM Nov 3rd 2010
Also, there is no offical place that states Lobo the Webseries is cannon or not. The DCAU wikia is NOT offical.