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11:04:45 AM Apr 27th 2016
According to the book "Console Wars" by Blake J. Harris, this is the true reason why they renamed "Devil's Castle Dracula": it was a request by Emil Heidkamp, senior vice-president of Konami of America at the time, and a born-again Christian. His deal with Konami was that he would work for them only as long as they didn't release objectionable material.
10:38:26 AM Jul 16th 2015
Re: Fake Difficulty

Am I remembering incorrectly? I seem to recall every Classicvania I ever played literally /sticking/ you to the stairs if you were on them unless you intentionally jumped — I used to use stairs in the original to root myself in place and avoid being knocked into pits.
02:51:20 PM Dec 19th 2011
On this page, it says that there are some hints that Death is Man Behind the Man. Where is this ever hinted at in the games?
05:41:08 AM Mar 20th 2012
The closest thing I can think of is Death's ending text in Judgment. "Why would such a being serve Dracula so loyally? Perhaps there is some greater force at play behind it all..." This has been interpreted in several ways, the most two prolific being a) Death serving a greater being who wants him to manipulate Dracula for his own purposes, and b) Death genuinely liking/loving Dracula. Neither is conclusively proven; both are Canon Fodder.
12:45:29 PM Mar 4th 2011
03:52:23 AM Feb 25th 2011
I'm bothered by the fact that many Castlevania trope pages are unpunctuated titles, despite CV being a serious case of punctuation overload. I'm not sure how I would go about fixing this, save maybe making ptitle CV page redirects.
05:00:09 PM Feb 25th 2011
Ptitles are dead, remember? There was a forum discussion and everything.
07:03:14 PM Feb 26th 2011
Oh, that's right. How does the new system work again? You place ~ between punctuated titles? Either way, too many Castlevania titles are missing punctuation.
08:25:19 AM Feb 24th 2011
How is the Castlevania series considered "needs more love"? It's one of the best-selling video game franchises, and is actually more popular in America. Doesn't that make it Germans Love David Hasselhoff? While Symphony of the Night wasn't a success at the time of its release, it's effectively risen to one of the greatest games of all time.
03:24:37 PM Jan 4th 2011
I've been meaning to make a character sheet for Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, then I realized this page has an overall sheet for the whole series  *. Is it ok for me to go on with the sheet I was planning?
08:08:44 PM Jan 4th 2011
I don't see a reason why you should. Is there any information about the characters as they are in Harmony Of Despair that doesn't apply to their original incarnations? And even if that was the case, you could probably just add that extra data to the existing character sheets, and leave a note saying it only applies to Harmony Of Despair.
12:45:24 AM Nov 21st 2010
Removed a bunch of entries from Complete Monster.

  • And then there is Shaft from Rondo Of Blood and Symphony Of The Night, a wicked priest who wants to destroy the world with the resurrection of Dracula. He is responsible for the Tear Jerker murder of a virgin woman, the kidnapping of four Distressed Damsel, and four years later mind-controlling Richter into resurrecting the castle.

Shaft hasn't darkened the tone of Castlevania with his very presence, and the other villains don't respond to him with horror. And all he did was sacrifice one girl and kidnap a few others? Hardly horrific given what else happens in the series.

  • Olrox and Brauner, the former a minor villain from Symphony Of The Night and the latter a sympathetic villain from Portrait Of Ruin respectively, both reappear in the Darker and Edgier Lords Of Shadow as Complete Monsters, along with their queen Carmilla.
  • Most recently, Satan from Lords Of Shadow, the darkest of the Castlevania series. He manipulates every atrocity in the game just to try to get back into heaven, and during his final clash with Gabriel he repeatedly tries to break him by promising to do horrible things to Marie. Such makes his death surprisingly much more satisfying than Dracula's.

Removed these Lords of Shadow entries. Olrox and Brauner are given no explanation as to why they're Complete Monsters in the game. And calling Satan a Complete Monster seems pointless. He's Satan. Barring Satan Is Good, isn't the Prince of Darkness kind of assumed to be a Complete Monster?

May seem a bit harsh, but a Complete Monster is supposed to be reserved for the most appaling of villins, not just thrown around to make a villain sound cooler.
04:27:31 AM Apr 20th 2010
Just something I thought of, but when we speak of Rondo of Blood and/or its SNES port, I suggest that we refer to the PC Engine port as "Rondo of Blood" and the SNES port as "Dracula X". I know its probably being done already, but it would greatly serve to prevent any confusion that would spawn. Personally, I refer to the SNES port as "Vampire's Kiss" (its European title) to eliminate confusion.
06:37:47 AM Apr 20th 2010
My only thought is to make sure any mention of Dracula X Chronicles is listed like that as well. But that shouldn't be too hard.
06:44:22 AM Apr 20th 2010
Labelling DXC as simply "Chronicles" is out as there's a Playstation game with that name. Perhaps Dracula Chronicles?
07:35:59 AM Apr 20th 2010
No, I meant always have it as "Dracula X Chronicles." Or DXC works, I suppose.
08:53:43 AM Apr 20th 2010
Related: There is now a forum thread discussing what to call the SNES game.
10:35:02 AM Apr 19th 2010
Seriously cut down the description. The full storyline really does not belong in the trope description. It's still plenty big enough given the number of games, movies, etc. in the series.
03:33:01 PM Mar 19th 2010
edited by TriggerLoaded
Yet more pruning of entires. Notably Justifying Edits and what not. Also took this long bit of Natter out of Multiple Endings:

  • Sure the worst ending may end on a high note...but its the only ending where Simon is NOT present at Dracula's grave. Which implies that Simon died already (and the past tense of the text pretty much drives it home.) Also, Dracula's coming back in the best ending was clearly meant as a Cliffhanger.
  • If by "worst ending" you mean "earliest ending point", then yeah... it's meant to be a neutral ending, not a bad ending per se. It ends somewhat happily, but also leaves a lot of unanswered questions... questions whose answers would be revealed later in the game, and whose implications would NOT be pleasant in the case of the neutral ending happening and those circumstances not being resolved. Circumstances such as, for example, Soma being the reincarnation of Dracula in Aria of Sorrow and Dimitri's soul residing within Soma's in Dawn Of Sorrow.

None of that I find important. It's just a bunch of natter. I tried to describe it a bit better, but I did mean "worst" ending in the sense of the easiest ending to get. No need to get all justifying.
08:05:11 PM May 18th 2010
More pruning. Took out this huge block of text from Glass Cannon. I'm not even sure the Death Ring is a Shout-Out. It's not like Shanoa turns into a Skeleton and throws bones.

  • This is a shout-out to the Hades-Black Dog DSS combo of Circle of the Moon. Turns Nathan into a skellington with all the resilience of The Kid.
    • To be more specific: the skeleton form throws bones to attack, just like the basic skeleton enemy. Every so often, he throws a huge bone that is guaranteed to hit the damage cap and kill anything in one shot. Oh, and it keeps going until it falls off of the screen, so it's not uncommon for the thing to score a One-Hit Polykill. On the other hand, Skeleton!Nathan takes damage equal to the damage cap upon being struck... so he might as well be a One-Hit-Point Wonder like that. It doesn't help that his mobility is limited to a walking pace and short hop, that the massive bone is really unreliable (only coming out once in a great while according to random chance,) and that the normal bones are really weak and vanish upon contact with any enemy, limiting them to striking one foe per toss. So, Skeleton!Nathan is less of a Glass Cannon and more Blessed with Suck.  +  +
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