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03:34:26 PM Apr 28th 2014
Random topic about the series... but I noticed when I was playing Atelier Ayesha that the diary entries are marked with what appears to be an actual, full date. For instance, I have one marked as F.C215/ 4/ 3, and later another marked F.C216/ 1/11. These correspond in game time as Year 1, Month 4, Day 3 and Year 1, Month 1, Day 11 respectively.

Does this sort of thing appear in the other games?
02:58:08 PM Apr 29th 2014
Most games do not have a diary of that sort.
01:19:26 PM Jun 10th 2012
Is this even the right namespace? IIRC, Franchise/ is for use when a franchise is commonly seen through more than one medium, and by the looks of it all the Atelier pages link to video games.
12:19:57 PM Jun 11th 2012
It's also had several manga adaptations and at least one serialized novel set (for Atelier Elie) in Japan, though, so it's definitely a franchise over there.
03:30:30 PM Apr 28th 2014
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