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09:30:14 PM Jun 9th 2014
Okay, I think I noticed a possible contradiction with the major villains for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 when it comes to their sense of morality compared to everyone else. :p

Since there's major spoilers involved though, I'll put in spoiler tags down below. Unless one of you guys know the whole story of AAI 2, I'd suggest you not read this. :( If you'll have, then please read and respond. Arigatou. :3

If Bansai Ichiyanagi is considered more amoral than Manfred and Sota is considered Eviler than Thou in a spoiler for a trope related to him yet he's somewhat of a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds albeit a despicable one, should either one of them count as a Complete Monster too? Well, okay, I guess the Amoral Attorney thing means amoral and not immoral, but seriously, Bansai is a dick. :p I can actually slightly forgive Sota, but Bansai... I'm not sure how far his evil goes compared to the other villains but I'd say he could count as one. Either way, both of them should definitely have tropes making them on the Least Sympathetic list of the Villain Vileness thing. :p Well, Sota might be Moderately Sympathetic, but even with his backstory I'm not sure if he would be Most Sympathetic because he's a god damn troll. :p Anyways, I just seeing something like Bansai being more amoral than Manfred and Sota being Eviler than Thou than him would make them even bigger Complete Monsters and they should be listed on that page but I'm not sure if that's quite right or not...
02:24:21 PM Aug 22nd 2014
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I don't think Souta(Simon) counts as a complete monster,if they have a Freudian Excuse then they can'count...also I think they ARE the most sympathetic Big Bad since all the other ones committed crimes for much more evil reasons (even if both Von Karma and Dahlia wanted revenge their motives were much more irrational) About Bansai(Blaise) I think they certainly qualify,they are such an abusive Jerk Ass towards their son,and they didn't care about the lives they ruined(Ok,neither did Souta,but he still has more of an excuse.)So yeah,I think Bansai qualifies,though I would like to hear what more people thinks before adding them to the "/monster" page.
01:26:55 PM Jan 15th 2014
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Why do we have both a Franchise and a Visual Novel tab for the videogames? I personally find that very confusing. Specially since both tabs seem to describe the same tropes. I'd propose to delete one of them - probably the Visual Novel one-.
12:41:55 AM Jan 16th 2014
I think that someone just used the same example section for both pages. The Franchise/ page should only list franchise-wide examples, methinks.
06:45:31 AM Jan 16th 2014
Perhaps the Franchise page could be only gameplay related examples?
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