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12:22:57 PM Aug 4th 2013
Are any of the MLP entries actually valid, or is it just overzealous bronies trying to fit examples in? I mean...

  • Don't forget Rainbow Dash too. Originally a brash but loyal and friendly pegasus, and she still is, but her love of pranks (initially only seen in episode 5 of season 1) sprang up in season 2, and that's not to mention her ego and pride. Thankfully the show revolves around Aesops and The Power of Friendship, which keeps her in check. This was dialed back a tad in season 3 due to Character Development.

That doesn't sound very convincing to me (she was originally this, and still is, but she is more of that now, except not quite). And almost all of the examples read like that. Could someone with knowledge of the show try to rewrite it?
08:08:47 AM Aug 10th 2012
Why exactly do all references to Candace being Flanderized keep being removed?
09:21:02 AM Aug 22nd 2012
edited by dwarfbucket1
Because I think that it is more of a case of Depending On The Writer, and she has shown genuine restraint against busting her brothers. In fact, in the "Where's Perry" special, she spends the whole first half obessing over a call from Jeremy, going to great lengths to try to get a good signal on her cellphone, and the thought of busting doesn't even cross her mind. Besides, "nasty", is kind of a strong word, don't you think?
01:23:09 PM Nov 29th 2011
OK, so it's possible that Big Macintosh has been Flanderized, but it's also entirely possible that it's an aspect of his character that we haven't seen. I would like to keep the original possibility of him being Flanderized while also presenting the possibility that this is just an aspect of his character. I added this in:

  • To be fair, though, he's only seen talking to Applejack. When Twilight Sparkle is around, he only has one line. In many of his other appearances, he's around the residents of Ponyville. It's entirely possible that this is the reason why he doesn't speak much (he's uncomfortable doing it around people he is unfamiliar with).

But it was removed by Komodin for being natter (though I maintain that it is not, as this is how I present two possibilities when it is entirely my work, not just as an addendum to others'). Any suggestions on how I could edit it to present both without it getting removed for being natter?
05:14:26 PM Nov 10th 2011
I went through and removed most references to Beyond the Impossible. Then I noticed Beyond the Impossible's old definition is now at Serial Escalation.


I apologize if I removed any legitimate examples.
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