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05:14:49 PM Aug 28th 2012
  • Mohinder, from the NBC show "Heroes", begins the series with a light Indian accent. As the show progress, his accent becomes increasingly most noticeable.
    • It also goes from Indian to British.

Really? It's been forever since I've seen Heroes, but I'm sure it became British before the first season ended.
08:02:31 AM Dec 16th 2011
I don't believe the Angel example is correct. It seems to be Characterization Marches On, not Flandarization. I'll give one week for responses, after which I will move it to that page if no one defends it.
04:50:21 PM Mar 15th 2012
I think it's safe to edit Community's Pierce as in the third season, his meaniness has toned down quite a bit. He's probably now half season 1 Pierce, half season 2 Pierce.
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