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10:17:42 PM Nov 29th 2012
edited by MithrandirOlorin
Just for the fun of it, if you could use more then 4 character in the original Final Fantasy, a hypothetical Five-Man Band could easily be constructed.

The Hero = Fighter/Knight

The Lancer =Theif/Ninga

The Big Guy = Monk/Master

The Evil Genius = Black Mage/Black Wizard

The Chick = White Mage/White Wizard

Sixth Ranger = Red Mage/Red Wizard

03:16:43 AM Apr 27th 2012
Donkey Kong 64 lists Lanky Kong as the smart guy before adding "Subversion, he's not kind of smart". So if he's not smart, why is he the smart guy? It seems more like someone just wanted to mention DK 64, rather than actually thinking it through.
01:22:51 AM Dec 8th 2012
Perhaps because he felt the rest lined up with the other 4 pretty well and just designated him that form process of elimination.
08:48:16 AM Dec 8th 2012
But "process of elimination" does not make an example. All five characters must match their role.
06:08:36 AM Jan 14th 2013
edited by MithrandirOlorin
I know, but it's the kind of thing people do when trying to force Five-Man Band alignments. Take Pretty Little Liars Spencer is clearly the brians there, but she's also the only one who can qualify as Ali's The Lancer so T Vtropes designates Aria as The Smart Guy
09:31:15 AM Jan 26th 2013
There is more to the Smart Guy then name implies though, you could justify giving the designation to anyone who isn't much of a fighter but doesn't fit The Chick due to not being so emotionally central.

Donkey Kong 64 is one of the ultimate examples of how Video Games annoy me with their need to create new character when existing ones fit, just to give the illusion of variety. Tiny and Chunky's roles could have easily been filled by Dixie and Kiddie, and they actually drew attention to this by making each a sibling of the Kong their an Expy for. You know full well you already had characters that fit, why not just use them?
10:17:18 AM Jul 31st 2011
I have removed Final Fantasy XII from the list because I do not see the six protagonists as fitting the band and the roles therein - it requires too much shoehorning. The dynamics of the party is more like two Power Duos (Ashe/Basch and Balthier/Fran) and two Tagalong Kids. Neither Ashe nor Balthier is clearly The Hero, no one even remotely fits the role of The Lancer (if anything, Basch is more like a non-evil version of The Dragon to Ashe), and Fran doesn't fit any of the five roles. The way it was before I removed it below.

Final Fantasy XII
The HeroAshe
The Lancer / The Tagalong KidVaan
The Big GuyBasch
The Smart GuyBalthier
The ChickPenelo
Action GirlFran
02:33:54 AM Aug 31st 2012
edited by McJeff
I just re-removed a different but equally incorrect interpretation of FF 12's party as a five man band.

Final Fantasy XII
The LeaderAshe
The LancerBalthier
The Big GuyBasch
The Smart GuyFran
The ChicksVaan and Penelo

How is Balthier Ashe's Lancer? How is Fran a Smart Guy? How is Vaan a Chick when fiat declared that male characters cannot EVER be The Chick? This is simply a case of Square Peg Round Trope. FF 12's party is not even close to being a Five Man Band no matter how hard you try to cram characters into roles.
09:19:57 AM Jan 26th 2013
90% of tropers disagree with requiring The Chick to be female, the site runners just haven't caught up.
11:10:10 AM Jun 17th 2011
I think the way the roles were described for Fable II didn't actually capture the dynamic, so I changed it. I don't see how Theresa is The Lancer when she fills the role of Mission Control much better, and the positions of The Lancer and The Chick change depending on whether the Hero of Bowerstone is good or evil. If the Hero is evil, Hammer is always disapproving of his decisions, while Reaver fills the role of Dark Chick. If the Hero is good, the relationship between Reaver and the Hero is very antagonistic, while Hammer helps maintain the moral core of the group. The way it was before I changed it is below.

Fable II
The HeroThe Hero of Bowerstone
The LancerTheresa
The Big GuyHammer
The Smart GuyGarth
The ChickReaver
Team PetThe Hero's Dog
05:15:11 PM Mar 3rd 2011
edited by Contraire
I disagree almost completely with the Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn roles as they stand; I've made my changes on the main page along with short explanation why I think the roles fit better that way.

Here are the roles as they were before I changed it. If someone wants to explain these, please do. (Edward as Lancer to Sothe? Really?)

The HeroSothe
The LancerEdward
The Big GuyNolan
The Smart GuyLeonardo (Sort of, but doubles as the second Lancer as well)
The ChickMicaiah (Subversion: She is the lead)
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