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12:29:04 AM Aug 9th 2014
Hard Corps: Uprising also has a Five-Man Band, in contrast with Neo Contra's Five-Bad Band.

02:52:03 AM Aug 9th 2014
"Alternating between roles" strikes to me like it's misuse, actually. Also, the work's wiki leaves me in doubt about whether they fit the The Chick role at all.
07:38:48 AM Aug 21st 2012
Something interesting I saw. In the first Kingdom Hearts game, each of the optional party members that you get when you visit a Disney world form a Five-Man Band of their own with Sora staying The Leader. Interesting because they're never on screen together.
  • Aladdin is The Lancer. He is definitely the one who's portrayed as the most equal to Sora and is the best fighter of them.
  • Peter Pan is The Smart Guy. He's a bit of a strategist, very cunning and unlike the others relies on hit and run type attacks.
  • Tarzan is The Big Guy since of course he's the brave jungle warrior that can't speak English properly.
  • Ariel is of course The Chick since she and Sora bond the most in the game and she is the only female party member you get.
  • The Beast is a Sixth Ranger because he is the final party member you get to choose and he doesn't belong to the world you get him in. As far as I can remember, you don't get to use him again when you return to the world.
10:30:12 AM Aug 21st 2012
That is an interesting observation, but please not that it is not actually a Five-Man Band. A Five-Man Band has to be a team, and if the characters are never together, then they're not a team.
03:22:48 AM Oct 22nd 2010
edited by EternalNothingness
Did you know that if you pick one of the different classes or attributes in an RPG like Fallout or Mass Effect, or stick to one of several guns in a shooter, you conform to one of the five archetypes yourself?

Seriously. Mindlessly run-and-gun with auto-guns, shotguns, and/or heavy weapons, and you're the big guy. Use stealth to go along with pistols, submachine guns, and/or sniper-rifles, and you're the lancer. Plant traps or ordnance, or repair and utilize vehicles, and you're the smart guy. Heal people with medkits and buff them with adrenaline, and you're the chick. Balance between the four playstyles I've described, and you're the hero.
07:07:35 AM Jul 29th 2010
edited by lrrose
About the removal of Mass Effect 2:

I found that it was getting ridiculously complex. While Five-Man Band is not supposed to be taken so literally, it had multiple characters in each role. Still, I don't feel so strongly as to try to enforce it, especially when there are worse examples here.
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